Chegg Study Username and Password 2018 – Free Account

Get Chegg Study free trial with premium username and password account. Chegg is a California based online text book selling or renting company founded in Santa Clara California in 2005. It is used for buying and selling books in physical and digital formats. Simply if you want some book for certain time only, its best place for you because it gives you any book for short term period till you are finished with it.

What is Chegg Study Account?

Chegg offer study subscription with some awesome features. If you are student or teacher then you should take a study account comes in two formats; free and paid.

In free account you just filled your mail id and password and account would be created and for paid account you have to purchase subscription to access all the features associated with it.

Generally whenever you create an account, Chegg provides 7-day free trial package. After that If you want to access all the premium features then you need to buy it through your credit card or PayPal. Here with the study account you can rent your book, sell here new book and tutoring would be also possible.

What can you do with a study account?

  • Rent your book for short term period to earn some money.
  • Sell new book here for above 85$, you can ship it to buyer without delivery charge.
  • Buy new or used textbook at fraction of cost.
  • Once you get subscription based account, you are able to access 9000+ books and gets tutor based facilities.
  • You can do your homework here with the help of tutors.
  • And many more things and bonuses.

Price of Subscription:

  • 1 month subscriptions in 14.95$.
  • 1 year subscription in 74.95$. Save up to 50% off when you buy for an entire year.

How to Get Chegg Study Free Trial?

As said earlier, Chegg offers 7-day free trial for study account. You just sign up with your email address to claim it, however after completing trial your credit card will be charged.

If you want study account for FREE forever then there are some other ways since after completing 7 days your account will become free or card will be charged. With the use of some online generator, you can have premium account for free. Please check below section find out more details on it.

Chegg Study Username and Password Hack

So now you want to generate unlimited number of username or password, then you should use vip code hack tool. Below are the features of it.

  • No any regional restriction.
  • No need to install anything. Use it online.
  • 100% secure and undetectable.
  • Easy to operate and generate unlimited accounts.
  • Fully automatic and no any promo code required.

How to Use It?

Below are the steps to operate this points hack generator;

  • First of all click this link to open the online page.
  • No need to install anything.
  • Select the account type and your region.
  • Hit the “Start” button to see the magic.

Congratulation! You have just cracked it. Should you have any query? Don’t hesitate to add your valuable comment here.

Optimum WiFi Login Hack 2018 – Free Username and Password

Optimum WiFi Hack for Free Username and Password Login. Optimum WiFi is the America’s most advanced and largest WiFi network that is collection of 1.5 million hotspots. Their hotspots are available in almost all the locations, so that you can connect to internet as super fast speed just as you connect with your home wireless router.

What is Optimum ID?

With the help of optimum ID, we can do anything like as surfing internet, watching TV, downloading your favorite software, steaming music and more.

First of all you need to select the device name or type that would be used for WiFi.

  • Laptop
  • Mobile/hand gadgets
  • Iphone/ipad/ipadtouch
  • Android device
  • Microsoft device.

After choosing the device, you can register by providing few more details like mobile number, account ID.

You can connect to your device by following any of below method.

  • By entering a username and password whatever you get in your optimum id.
  • Automatic optimum wi-fi: Here you don’t have to enter the username and password for accessing anything.

With the help of their network you can easily access and browse anything on internet and save your mobile data. It is more secure and powerful than competitors and you will get superb speed too.

Can You Get Optimum WiFi Login for FREE?

In order to login and use Optimum wi-fi, you first have your unique optimum wi-fi id and for this you need some things like,

  • Account number
  • Mobile number
  • And some basic information’s

For that you have to pay money and after that you get your unique optimum id. It is a legal and straight forward way to achieve this id. Can we get an Optimum ID for FREE?

Yes you can. First and for most you should plan to order it at discount price. There are so many valid vip promo codes on internet that can use to access WIFI at cheap price. If you want it completely FREE then you should go for Optimum wi-fi hack. It a downloadable tool that you need to install on your mobile or your personal computer to hack the WiFi network. You can also use an online generator to create unlimited number of router username and password.

Optimum WiFi Username and Password Hack Features

Below are some awesome features of this premium tool.

  • No installation required, simply download point generator and start using it.
  • It is 100% safe and secure tool.
  • No need to pay single penny here.
  • Generates unlimited premium account for FREE.
  • It is easy to use and works for almost all type of device and operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows.

How to Use It?

Below are some few easy steps that you need to follow to operate this cheat tool.

  • First download the hack tool in your pc or mobile.
  • No needs to install anything, simple unzip files.
  • Run the file from folder in your pc. For mobile device, use app.
  • Explore it and enjoy all the benefits.

In case of any query about premium account, please add your comment here.

Slmgr Rearm For Windows 7 And Windows 8

Slmgr Rearm For Windows 7 And Windows 8: Microsoft is one of the most powerful candidates in the market launched are at the time of releasing windows 7 trial version. Specifically, it was developed for the IT troopers just to make sure it goes well enough with the Hardware and Software being used. Additionally, the feature that has been improved, to check the environment and user experience with a new interface, were the priorities to release the trial, in short to know user satisfaction with this.

The trail was designed for both 32bit and 64bit systems which is available to download from internet without any cost. Initially, Windows 7 has the trial for 30 days which can be further extended up to 120 days by using SLMGR command. Similarly, the trial for windows 8 enterprise is for 90 days for both 32 and 64 bit system. Windows 8 has come up with most exciting and completely different interface. It seems more compatible with touch systems. Windows 8 enterprise includes all features of window 8 pro and windows 8 business.

How to Extend Window 7 Trial Period?

Unfortunately, the installed window 7 will be deactivated after completion of 30 days trial, but there is a way to exit from this trouble. SLMGR which stands for Software Licensing Management Tool is a command that can help you in the extension of window 7 up to 120 days. SLMGR actually resets the count. Let’s have a look on the steps to rearm the count.

  1. There is limit to change rearms, you can do so up to 4 times. You can check the existing no. of rearm counts by using the following command “slmgr/dlv”. The command would result in a dialog window script host with all the information about the trail window and the rearm numbers.
  2. Firstly, give “slmgr” command to rearm the 30 days trial version of window 7.
  3. Now, what you need to do is to delete the existing rearm count and write the new one but for this you have to delete the registry key file which includes the Last rearm time. Deletion is near to impossible in the user privileges but it can be done by using the given command in window recovery console.
  • Head up and perform reg load HKLM\MY_SYSTEM “%~dp0Windows\System32\config\system”
  • reg delete HKLM\MY_SYSTEM\WPA /f
  • reg unload HKLM\MY_SYSTEM
  1. Now, once the ‘reset.bat’ file is saved in C:\root folder, restart the system and by pressing f8 enter in the advance boot option, there click on System recovery and write C:\reset.bat. Now reboot your system after completing operation successfully. You might get a message that Windows is not genuine which can be avoided; you will be able to see the increase in the rearm numbers which will extend your trial up to 120 days.

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For Window 8 Rearm Count

The rearming process is same as windows 7. Probably, you would be thinking is there any way to get infinite license then there is for sure.

1.) Slmgr/dli is used for viewing information about the current license of windows.

2.) Slmgr/dlv is used to get license type.

3.) Slmgr/xpr is used to view expiration date.

4.) Slmgr/rearm is for extending or rearm windows.

In case of any query in Slmgr Rearm For Windows 7 And Windows 8 please add your comment here.

WoozWorld Cheats 2018 – Wooz and Beex Generator free cheats with Wooz and Beex Generator. WoozWorld is one type of gaming community, its real name is or originally called kids studio 2.0 is a one type social network service. It is founded in 2010 by Nicolas lee, Mathieu lampron and Eric brassard.

WoozWorld is on online Fun Park where your children whenever sign up first time it can be characterized by some character, depends on how your children choose it. With this character your child can create socialize and create friendships with other children his/her age (their own characters) children, with this you can  play multiple games, develop his/her character on many levels (you can able to change clothes, hairstyle, and many more things) as well as construct and maintain the private living spaces that he/she owns. There are lots of things that you can do it in WoozWorld.


Do not put here any personal information for your child’s security like phone number, address, name, and any other things. That chat system is filtered through Crisp Technologies and any words that are not deemed appropriate for children and teenagers of all ages.

What are Wooz and Beex in WoozWorld?

Generally whenever you started this game and sign up your children here they became first free member, but here we having two types of facilities free membership or premium membership.

In free you cannot buy any things like clothes or other things but in Premiumships you can had it anything’s because of here you have this wooz or beex.

Wooz and beex is a one type here virtual; currencies with this you can but any things for your character like clothes, hairstyle and many more. You cannot get easily whenever you sign up WoozWorld, you have to earn up it during with your character. And with the use of Premiumships account you can also get it but it’s costly for all, it can affordable by all because of much more money need for buying this types of accounts.


WoozWorld Wooz and Beex Generator

As I said you above wooz and beex is an important things of monetizing you character in this game community, with this you can change your character step by step earning this currency.

Wooz and beex is mainly provided for Premium account users or you have to earn it in free format but can we get it completely FRE? Yes you have it, there are various online tools are available in internet with this you can earn this all stuff in a free format just you have to follow some stuffs for installing this tool. These tools another name is generator, which generate this wooz and beex in an unlimited format.

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How to Use WoozWorld Cheats Generator?

With simple steps you can download it,

  • Download the link on internet. Alternatively you can use online credit generator tool too, if you don’t want to show your identity.
  • Open it in your personal computer or gadgets.
  • Install it step by step.
  • Enjoy!

Lovoo Credits Hack 2018 – VIP Code Generator

Find and use credits hack and free VIP code generator. Lovoo is a German chatting app that enables you to connect with friends in radar nearby your area. With the help of this dating app you can exchange photos, texts, voice and videos with your friends.

What is Lovoo?

Lovoo app was launched in July 2011 in Germany and today it has millions of users all around the world. It is available in IOS and Android mobile format. With more than 65 million users, it is the fastest growing community for meeting new people in your area. is available in more than 16 countries Headquarters located in Dresden and corporate offices are available in San Francisco, Berlin.

With the help of Lovoo, you can do so many things including but not limited to flirting, chatting, sharing media and finding new friends.

Important Features of Lovoo Credits Hack

Being so popular, Lovoo isn’t free. You need to buy credit to enjoy certain premium features. With the help of credits, you can reveal others profile, remove ads, unlocking user and many more. 300 credits are available at $3.49 only. If you don’t want to spend anything then try to use Lovoo hack. Below are some great features of credit generator.

  • Receive unlimited free credits.
  • You can add with these unlimited cheats and credits.
  • It is 100% undetectable, safe and effective for use.
  • No any root or jailbreak needed.
  • Anti virus protection available.
  • User friendly and works for Android, iOS and desktop too.

How to Use Credit Generator?

In order to generate free credits you need to operate their hack tool. Below are some steps that you need to follow.

  • First of all visit the link to open online generator.
  • Connect your mobile or pc to Lovoo, at that point go to the credits vip hack page.
  • Enter your email address or secret password there and open it.
  • Verify these with security option.
  • Click on start hack.
  • Enjoy freebies without paying anything.

What are Lovoo VIP Codes?

First of all here we have to know what is this VIP thing??

First of all we need   to know what exactly VIP is, It is nothing but the premium membership. Lovoo offers four different VIP packages that you can choose as per your requirement. Premium account comes with so many benefits including ghost mode, profile highlighter, total match fun, automatic profile revealing, and find people again, adblocker, ice breaker and many more.

VIP Code is a limited edition promo code that is available in special format like as “xxx-xxxx-xxx.” If you want to purchase credits or premium membership at discount price then you need to use VIP code. With the help of such code you will get all premium features at discounted price.

Top rated VIP Codes and Offers

  • 57% Off – It is the best deal you could ever find. Buy an entire year of premium membership for $59.99 USD only.
  • Upto 40% Off – Purchase 6 months of VIP subscription at up to 40% off the monthly price. Final payable amount is $33.99 only.
  • Flat 17% Off – Buy 3 months of pro at $24.99. You can pay with PayPal or credit card.

Prizerebel Hack Download 2018 – Points Generator

Prizerebel Points Hack Download or free online generator: Prizerebel is a trusted survey site up to 2007 where you have to take surveys and get paid by some rewards. This site is very helpful or usable for all the users who have to earn up some cash in part time.

Normally whenever you sign up here ( its free for all) , you have some work here like take paid surveys , watching videos , play some online games , and many more works you have here with doing this works you earned some points during this type of work. And with this works you can have only points, some time gift cards or wallets also available for this type work.

One more thing is here you get one more earning option also, use refer or earn program here means one link of this paid survey if you refer your friend, for this you earn some cash so with this you can also earn some rewards in your account.

Importance of Prizerebel Points

As I said you above topic Prizerebel give you here points for your any work done means for your work you earned points here,

Points are a one type of virtual currency here with this you can take rewards, gift cards and many more things. But one question might be coming to your mind, how we get this points and what the way to convert this points to some other forms?

Whenever you sign up here you have different type of work here as I said you above…whenever you done this work you earned some points and many more rewards like,

  • Have some small amounts of Bitcoin for some works.
  • 1$ to 5$ rewards: you can cash out whenever you earned some more of this in your work.
  • Newest gift card which are selected by this site.

And another side what you can buy with this points or rewards?

  • You can buy here some books or read the books online.
  • Redeem points into PayPal account.
  • Claim Amazon gift cards or any other preferred brands gift voucher code.

So like this you can cash out you’re all the points to money. But here these sites have some limits for claiming your points to money, means in a peaking some limit of points you can have to permit these things.

What is Prizerebel Points Generator?

As I said you above what is the importance of points so you have to work more here for earn points and thanks you can get new gift. Without points you can’t buy or claimed anything here you must have point for anything here,

Can this generator available in a free format? Yes there are some tool exist which can give you all things in a free format you just have to follow some instructions of hack tool. Here generator is also that type one tool which can be usable for getting free credits.

How to use Prizerebel Hack?

  • Download the account login hack tool
  • Extract it for windows.
  • Run and open
  • Completely install it
  • Enter the amount of points you want
  • Enjoy.

Comcast xfinity Router Default Password Username 2018

The Comcast xfinity Router Default Password and Login username: The Comcast is an American based global telecommunication house and the one of the largest broadcasting and Cable Television Company in the world.

Xfinity is a subsidiary brand of Comcast Company. It provides market consumer internet, cable television, telephone, and wireless services.

Xfinity is also a subscription based company in America related to broadcasting; with this you can have more number of features compare to other but for that you have subscribe one of the Premium account. If you go on site there are lots of packages are available so select that and enjoy.

Unique features of Comcast xfinity

  • Intuitive voice control
  • Cloud storage facility.
  • Users can search live TV programs, trending shows and movies.
  • DVR recording: If you missed favorite program for some reason then you can use DVR recording to watch it later at your convenient time.
  • You can watch live steaming of new release movies and more.

What is Comcast xfinity Router Default Password?

For any service, it would be have more security for handling all the critical situations so here arise one question what is the use of this Comcast xfinity default password?

It is the default credential that every Xfinity users is given to access their admin level options. If you ever face a situation where you need a default username and password then below is the access page for you.

Default IP address for router login:

Once you enter above address in your browser you will see the screen asking for your login username and password. Please enter below credential to access the admin level features.

  • Default Username: admin
  • Default password: password

With this you can enter in to the basic level of this site with this you subscribe more things and many more items are available on that. If you want to change these default login then below are the steps.

How to Change your xfinity Wi-Fi Password?

Below are the simple steps for changing the Wi-Fi password,

  1. Make sure you have to connect to your network. This can be a wired or Wi-Fi connection, it would be depends on you what you have to make sure for that connections.
  2. Open a browser and go to This is the router’s basic platform or gateway and it will automatically direct you to a log in screen.
  3. Enter default premium username and password.
  4. Change your password.
  5. Enjoy.

How to Password Protect Your Comcast Router?

  1. Log into your Comcast account page at, it throw you on login page of Comcast xfinity.
  2. Click on Users & references.
  3. Look for a hearing on the page for “Service Address.”
  4. Click the button for “Disable Xfinity Wi-Fi Home Hotspot.”
  5. Click Save.
  6. Done.

No need to use any link generator program here. The Comcast is the leading American broadband company that gives you wide range of premium features. If you want to buy higher package but looking for discount then try promotional code to save money.

If you face any problem in changing Xfinity default login password then comment here.

Wizard101 Promo Codes 2018 – Crown Generator

Wizard101 free promo codes for gold and crown generator: Wizard refers to the man who has magical power. Can you predict the meaning of wizard101? It is one type of game which conducts some marvelous activities related to magic.

Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPGs) adventurous event creating game which is created by kingsIsle entertainment. The game has huge number of player interacting with another virtual world.

Awesome Features of Wizard

Wizard 101 offers various types of magical tasks in which player act as a students and select characters as per their choice. There are two different version of game; basic and premium. Storyline follows the player’s journey to stop the evil activity of wizard and foil his various schemes.

Some of significant features,

  • Different schools of magic testing: this is a one type of rounds which are for playing game in which improve you levels for playing the games.
  • You can play this game with group of friends.
  • Build your own things based on your skills.

What is Currency and Crown?

Primary currency used in this game is crown. Game is available as Free to play or Premium. You can anytime upgrade your basic to paid one. Once you get premium account, you will see that it is filled with the crowns. Below are other currencies available in the game.

  • Crown
  • Gold
  • Arena tickets


It is needed to trade and shop various gaming stuff like power, magic tricks etc. You need to buy crowns with real money. However, you can use activation codes and coupons to save your money.

Top wizard101 promo codes for free crown

  • Save25july14: By the using this code you can get up to 25% of when you ordering the crowns.
  • 3873DQL2F63224M8L2Q8: Get 5000 plus crowns for FREE with your every order.
  • SURPRISEPACK: Receive the mystery pack of game. Valid for selected accounts only.
  • MARRYOGLDMAS: Spend $50 or more and get 3000 Free Crowns.
  • Gold*10: It is the cheat to multiply your crown by 10. Valid for premium users only.

So this are the some of the best promo codes to generate free crowns.

Wizard101 Hack and Free Crowns

In above section we discussed about in-game purchases and gaming currencies. As you know that player has to buy crown, gold and arena tickets and other in-game items with real money. Premium membership is also paid and that is must if you have to win every battle of the game. What if you don’t want to real money? Here is the solution for you. We just found Wizard101 Crown Hack that you can use to generate gaming items for FREE. You can use cheat generator for unlimited time but suggesting you to limit it once per account per day.

How to Use Wizard101 Crown Generator?

The process is very simple and clear.

  • Download the hack tool
  • Open that tool
  • Select the file
  • Run the file
  • Open your game
  • Select whatever of you have crowns
  • Click on generate
  • Let’s enjoy this.

Online ecoin generator is available for both premium and basic members.


  • You have unlimited crowns whatever you want.
  • Get free gold and other items also related to games.
  • Easy to use.

If you have any query about wizard101 generator or money hack engine then you can contact us here.

Swagbucks Codes Spoiler 2018 (Free Hack Generator)

Swag Codes Spoiler and Hack Generator: Swagbucks is the online rewards program which gives you points for doing some activities like searching, website surfing, shopping, filling surveys , playing games, watching videos, printing coupons  and another lots of other activities. You just have to sign up as a free user to start earning rewards points for your daily web surfing other task. Rewards point is called as is called Swagbucks.

 What is SwagBucks?

You will earn Swagbucks for completing any of the above tasks but question arise is that, how much will you earn? It’s all depending on how much time you spent and your selected activity. Swagbucks will be added to your account automatically once you complete the task. Once you have 450 SB then you can redeem that for $5 Amazon gifts voucher. You can also choose from other big brands gift cards including PayPal, Walmart, eBay and many more.

So, depending on your daily activities you could earn anything from 5 to 100 Swagbucks per day. You can also install Android or iOS application to earn extra rewards for your mobile task. Your points never expire and it is non-transferableable too. The sites serve more than 12 million members and have awarded more than $100 million in retail gift card rewards to its members. The site operates in the U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia.

What are Swagbucks Codes?

Swagbucks code is nothing but the alphanumeric number that you can use to get rewards points without performing any task. Yes! Based on your codes, you can earn 10 to 500 Swagpoints for FREE. It is case sensitive and valid once per user per account.

Where to find Swag Codes?

Finding msp vip codes is difficult task and you can’t find that everywhere. However, there are some forums, social media groups and secret pages from where you can get Swag codes. Problem with such places is that most of time such promo codes are invalid or expired. Fortunately, you can get valid and working Swag codes with the help of Swagbucks codes spoiler.

How to redeem it?

If you’re on any page on, you’ll see the Swag Code Safe Icon at the top of the page. Hover over that and the Swag Code box will appear.

Enter the text of the code EXACTLY as it appears (codes are case-sensitive) in the Swag Code box and click Redeem Swag Code. You’ll get a message that you’ve earned your Swag Bucks

Swagbucks Codes Spoiler and Hack

There are so many money hack tool and online spoilers are available that you can use to get unlimited Swagbucks for FREE. You just have to get such application on your Windows or Mac pc for getting swag codes. You need to use that within given time.

We have created advanced and safe Swagbucks code generator that you can use to generate unlimited crown, gold codes. Later you can redeem that registration code in your account to get free points. Once you earn enough amounts of points then you can redeem that for Free prizes.

Now you no need to follow task in Swagbuck but you can still earn Swagbucks. Our generator is undetectable and 100% safe that you can use for almost any new or old account.

At the time of using or downloading our software, you might be asked to verify yourself. This is to combat spam and avoid brute force attack on our system. It will take hardly 60 seconds to complete the human verification offer.

Depositfiles Premium Account Username & Password 2018 Generator

Depositfiles Username and Password Generator for Free Premium Account: Depositfiles is a famous international service for safe file transfer, storage, and distribution. The size of its servers, all of them working on several gigabyte connection links, is nearly unlimited.

Only a single click you could be done with your download process. This online company is known for developing the one-click-hosting concept and actualizing it.

One other things also you can enjoy many downloads at a same time when using this online site. Other sites only allow a single download per session. This feature makes it easy for people to download different files at a time.

So there are many other features that you can get for using Depositfiles as your file hosting and sharing service provider. This popular service provider offers its service in various formats like, the free and Premium accounts passwords. You can choose you have a free account or pay for a paid account which has many other features. Premium Account Benefits

This is a paid account where users can enjoy advanced features. Though a basic or free account can be of help, a Pro account is highly recommended for people with large files. Some of the advantages of a premium membership will be mentioned here below.

  • Unlimited Download:  You can enjoy fastest download speeds with no limits as per the files to be downloaded.
  • Less time taken: There is no queuing before download start. Once you click on the download button, the process begins immediately. It supports simultaneous downloads.
  • No Ads issue: there are any ads placed on a premium account’s interface. You therefore enjoy download sessions with no external interruptions.
  • We can Resume Downloads any time: Free users cannot resume a download session that had been previously interfered with or paused. However, a premium account user can resume hack downloads from the point left.
  • Online video and audio streaming
  • No file deletion things

How to get passwords of Depositfiles Premium Account?

If you have a basic account, you can either decide to purchase one from the main site or use the freely available sources in online available. The free available sources are online generator codes and using the already provided usernames & passwords. Make sure to use code spoiler to break it for free.

Top Working Usernames & Passwords for Depositfiles Premium Account

Here below are some of the usernames & their respective passwords which can be used to access paid account.

  • Username: khalidnauman 514 Pass: 829000
  • User-name: peter 158 Password: honda 1604
  • name: Pass: cooldude2
  • Username: janbruijstens Password: C5boUmIK
  • User-name: sami Pass-word:1400

Depositfiles Premium Account Generator

You have an option to use hack and generator available online to get valid usernames & passwords for your file services. The process is simple, easy and has no complications. An online account serial key generator will not require you to download any bot into your PC. This is the best option that you have to get a free premium account and enjoy all the above stated benefits of a premium account and VIP codes.