ByteBX Premium Account 2018 – Free Generator

ByteBX Free Premium Account Generator: Are you looking for reliable page to find good information about ByteBX then you are at correct place. Generally ByteBX is a one type of online service which converts your any links to direct downloadable link.

If you are torrent user then this is the boon site for you. You just have to login to your account and upload the torrent magnet links, the link is then downloaded to ByteBX servers and it will give the direct download link to the user without any difficulty.

Types of Account They Offer?

Like many other service and platform, ByteBX too offers two types of accounts.

  • Free Account: It is the basic account which anyone can create without paying money. You can use it for select task, however it has certain restriction.
  • Premium account: As name implies, it is the upgraded version of free subscription. With this you can access all the features of this server. Here you have the storage up to 100 GB and comes with many other advance features too. However to access that you have subscribe for premium memberships available in monthly or yearly package.

Features of ByteBX Premium Account

  • Gives you up to 100 GB space and would be unlimited by deleting your old file which would not be usable.
  • Simultaneous download would be possible at a time; here you can download multiple files at a time.
  • Offers interrupted uploading.
  • Archiving is available before download.
  • No any advertisement. 100% Ads-Free platform.
  • Allow you to stream video and music too.
  • High speed torrent caching speed.
  • Resume mode also available.
  • Torrent storage period is unlimited, so you can keep your download content for long time.

How to Get ByteBX Premium account for FREE?

The ByteBX offers premium package with four payment options. They offer 5 days, one month, 6 months and one year membership. You can choose any of that to enjoy all the above features. Higher the package more is saving for you. If you don’t want to spend full money then I suggest you to purchase at least 6 months of membership using promo code to save up to 40% off the monthly price. If you want to try it before buying then there is free trial offer available for new users.

In online marketplace if you search, there are various types of online software or tools are available for using this type premium account freely.

It’s called a premium link generator or its one type tool, with using this you can generate unlimited number of the premium account freely but for that you have to download this tool in your pc or device.

Features of ByteBX Premium Account Generator

If you are planning to online generator and want to first check its feature then below is the section for you.

  • It is 100% free tool that anyone can use.
  • Generates unlimited premium login and password.
  • Available for all the regions and IP address.
  • 100% reliable and easy to use tool.
  • No more complications.

How to use this?

  • Simply visit the link to open the official generator site.
  • Fill up all the required data.
  • Click on generate button to get your unique account details.

Please make sure to change default password and username and keep it in safe place.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Codes 2018 – Passcodes Hack

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Codes, Free Coins and Passcodes Hack. Pokemon Shuffle is an iOS and Android based mobile game, with this you can have more fun. Its fun puzzle game developed by genius sonority and published by the Pokemon Company and Nintendo in 2015. It is available for both platforms; desktop and mobile.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Game

First of all this is a puzzle game so you have some idea about basic genre of this game. In this type you have to battle with the Pokemon vertically and horizontally. After this you came in front of wild Pokemon. If you can compact and pass with all the wild Pokemon then the last steps is to level up profile and stamina.

This game having lots of stages but if you are a professional gamer then you have lots of fun with premium account. It has so many fun activities that can engaged you.

What are Passcodes and Coins?

Passcodes and coins are a main part of this game because of without this you cannot level up your stages of game.

When you playing this game you are hitting the Pokemon horizontally or vertically and that can be done with the help of coins only. The Passcodes is a one type of door which you need to unlock the next level.

So basically both coins and Passcodes are important playing the game. But like many other games, these two in-game items are not FREE. You can earn that by playing the game and completing the competition. Alternatively you can also earn some bonus coins and Passcode with the help of coupons codes and hack engine.

Top Pokemon Shuffle Passcodes

Below are some top rating and popular Passcodes for this game. You need to use that after login to directv account.

  • For getting 5000 coins free with this Passcodes: 20150218
  • 86010010 – Get 100 coins for FREE.
  • 08645601 – Apply the code to get 1 Mega speedup.
  • 86000504 – It is the code for 1 moves +5.
  • 86100002 – Enter the code at the time of buying in-game items and receive bonus 1000 coins for FREE.
  • 08601003 – Get 1 Time Limit +10 with the help of this code.

How to Use Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Codes Hack?

Passcodes is a best and important thing in this game but it’s not easily available to you. You can either buy it or earn it to leveling up your game. You might be wonder if you are these things available for FREE? Yes with the use of some online hack tool you can have this all the things freely.

There are certain online link generator that you can use to generate free Passscodes and coins. But here question arise that how to use this hack generator to get Passcodes and coins. Below are the complete steps that you can follow to use the hack tool.

  • No need to install the hack in your device. You just click on downloaded file to launch it on your mobile or desktop.
  • No need to use any password and username for that.
  • Follow the simple instruction to run the hack.

Hope my Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Passcodes Hack help you! You can add your comments here.

MyVegas Mobile Promo Codes 2018 – Free Chips and Loyalty

MyVegas Mobile Promo Codes for Free Chips and Loyalty: MyVegas is a Facebook game, which is playable in desktop and mobile platform. Most off people play this game through Facebook friends. It is one type of casino game where you have to adding in to a group and maximum of 51 members of group can play the game.

Note: The Game is only playable with Facebook, without Facebook you cannot play this game.

My Vegas game is available in iOS and android devices, In order to play the game you should have WiFi connection or powerful mobile data and an application of Facebook.

How to Play the Game?

MyVegas is a made by MGM and it’s a virtual game with variety of different slots. To play the slots the main currency is chips which are basically available for all the players.

In this game loyalty points and alfafile also exist, which you get with the help of playing this game and the behavior of your game and strength more increase with high loyalty points you get and with this you get more gifts and rewards in your game.

If we talk about here mobile version then, there are two slots available in this game.

  • Actual slots: It is basic and easy to play slot where you can play game without setting any mission at all. No any need of premium account.
  • Mission slots: In these slots you are in a mission and you have to achieve some things and get more chips compare to actual slots.

More the chips more are the real money. You can redeem your chips into real money and buy the chip through money. However there are some other ways to have the chips for free.

How to Get Free MyVegas Chips and Loyalty?

In MyVegas the chips and loyalty are currencies and base of for getting the rewards and gifts but it can be easily available for all for that you have to play the game seriously but some other ways also exits like,

  • Some referral programs exits which would gives you 1000 points free without doing anything like, Mife reword program, where you can earn up to 1000 points per day without showing your actual login and password.
  • Using promo codes and some other coupon codes, you can also earn chips.

Top MyVegas Mobile Promo Codes

Below are some top most coupons that would help you to get more extra benefits compare to normal playing the game.

  • 94M91GYE – Apply the code to earn Free 100 chips.
  • 9439VG1Z -Earn up to $800 worth of cashback from Ebates when you use it at top game.
  • 54W82TPK – If you are new customer then you can use this code for awesome rewards.
  • 94X7N1T4 – Earn up to 200 free loyalty points when you apply on your first transaction.

How to Use MyVegas Mobile Promo Code?

Promo codes are a simple way to getting things in a free premium account or cashback, so for this use this code and simply follow some steps,

  • Open the game
  • Go to the slots or whatever you have with this promo code.
  • Apply this code to particularly things in this game where you have to apply.
  • There given you particularly box for applying this code.
  • Enjoy extras having you with this coupon code.

Comcast xfinity Router Default Password Username

The Comcast xfinity Router Default Password and Login username: The Comcast is an American based global telecommunication house and the one of the largest broadcasting and Cable Television Company in the world.

Xfinity is a subsidiary brand of Comcast Company. It provides market consumer internet, cable television, telephone, and wireless services.

Xfinity is also a subscription based company in America related to broadcasting; with this you can have more number of features compare to other but for that you have subscribe one of the Premium account. If you go on site there are lots of packages are available so select that and enjoy.

Unique features of Comcast xfinity

  • Intuitive voice control
  • Cloud storage facility.
  • Users can search live TV programs, trending shows and movies.
  • DVR recording: If you missed favorite program for some reason then you can use DVR recording to watch it later at your convenient time.
  • You can watch live steaming of new release movies and more.

What is Comcast xfinity Router Default Password?

For any service, it would be have more security for handling all the critical situations so here arise one question what is the use of this Comcast xfinity default password?

It is the default credential that every Xfinity users is given to access their admin level options. If you ever face a situation where you need a default username and password then below is the access page for you.

Default IP address for router login:

Once you enter above address in your browser you will see the screen asking for your login username and password. Please enter below credential to access the admin level features.

  • Default Username: admin
  • Default password: password

With this you can enter in to the basic level of this site with this you subscribe more things and many more items are available on that. If you want to change these default login then below are the steps.

How to Change your xfinity Wi-Fi Password?

Below are the simple steps for changing the Wi-Fi password,

  1. Make sure you have to connect to your network. This can be a wired or Wi-Fi connection, it would be depends on you what you have to make sure for that connections.
  2. Open a browser and go to This is the router’s basic platform or gateway and it will automatically direct you to a log in screen.
  3. Enter default premium username and password.
  4. Change your password.
  5. Enjoy.

How to Password Protect Your Comcast Router?

  1. Log into your Comcast account page at, it throw you on login page of Comcast xfinity.
  2. Click on Users & references.
  3. Look for a hearing on the page for “Service Address.”
  4. Click the button for “Disable Xfinity Wi-Fi Home Hotspot.”
  5. Click Save.
  6. Done.

No need to use any link generator program here. The Comcast is the leading American broadband company that gives you wide range of premium features. If you want to buy higher package but looking for discount then try promotional code to save money.

If you face any problem in changing Xfinity default login password then comment here.

DIRECTV Login and Password 2018 – Free Username Hack

Get DIRECTV Login and Password using free username hack. DIRECTV is a satellite television company and a subsidiary of AT&T which was founded by Eddy Hartenstein in 1990. it is El Segundo based company and provide broadcasting in that area.

It’s a big broadcasting channel or television company where you have more number of features for using this in a many ways.

With DIRECTV you can get more features compare to other like, when you subscribe in a monthly package you will get a 120+ live channels, more focusing on some awards and premium programs.

If we talk shortly on that then it provides 350 + total channels, no installations and equipment fees for first two rooms. It has two years basic contract and after one year of that you have some more features.

The DIRECTV Features

  • Gives you 315 channels in a one package and giving you an opportunity to stream huge number of channels.
  • Provides you 5 different packages and giving you more room to find better pack that fits your requirement.
  • Ability to connect with third party steaming device.

Below are some more features that you won’t anywhere else,

  • DirecTV Everywhere: It is the package that provides what you want. Moreover it also includes data (internet). It displays the previous shows of channel with your choice.
  • DirecTV cinema: This is the best package for the users who want to access pay per View releases instantly. Titles are refreshed every month before they hit other services such as Red box or Netflix. Movies and shows are in full HD and can be watched on laptops, cell phones, TVs, or tablets or any gadgets.
  • Whole Home DVR: Allows you to watch HD DVR service on any TV in the home.
  • DirecTV On Demand – It provides users with ample access to the shows and movies they want to see when they want to see it. There are thousands of TV shows, big screen movies, and much more.

How to Get Free DIRECTV Login and Password?

There lots of trick in internet available for access the free DIRECTV login and password but Are all these valid process?

No, not all are legit way to get access of username and password. However there are certain hack tool that you give direct access to free DIRECTV login and password. It is available for desktop and mobile device. You no need to download anything. For that you simply have to put some kind of instructions on premium online generator and you got what you have.

And yes with some forums and social media using you can also have this login and password freely but for that you have to put lot more effort than generator tool.

How to Use DIRECTV Username Hack?

As said earlier, in order to use premium link generator, you need to visit the online web page. Enter your reason and package name that you would like and hit the submit button. It will fetch some unused premium account for you. However, I suggest you to use it to only check the premium account feature. Once you are done then buy your membership using the bonus promo code to save up to 60% off the regular price. It is legit way!

Filefactory Premium Account 2017 – Free Link Generator Premium Account and Free Link Generator. Filefactory is a leading provider of free hosting since 2005. With the help of them you can store your important data and digital information securely.

Filefactory is an online filesharing solution that allows you to share file with your friends or all over the world. With the help of you can send images, tunes (music) or your favorite videos to your friend. And you can download also some others images, videos and all the stuff in this site.

Types of account they offer:

Mainly it would be categorized by three types of the account,

  • 1.) Free account. It is the basic account that anyone can get by simple registering with email address and name.
  • 2.) Anonymous account: If you don’t want to share your details and just want to use them to get shared file of your friend then you can create anonymous account without your name and email address.
  • 3) Premium account. It is main account type for those who have to seriously work on this site. Here it would provide lots of features and lots of options. You have to simply subscribe some premium packages in order to become a premium member.

Features of Filefactory Premium Account

Below are some awesome features that premium account holder can experienced,

  • Get unlimited download speed without any bandwidth restriction.
  • More than one parallel download processes are allowed, whereas in free account only one is possible.
  • You also have an unlimited file storage space.
  • Here direct download also possible compare to other 2 account.
  • You have resume download support or download manager support.
  • No any banner ads or any ads coming in your working time.
  • Linking would be possible here compare to free or anonymous.
  • Share your important files through Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platform.
  • Provides highest level of security for your important data.
  • 24×7 customer support from team of experts.

How to Get File Factory Free Premium Account?

There are lots of technique exist online for getting free premium account, but all of are not legally approved and used by customers.

For getting premium account one can use promo codes to save up to 80% off the retail price. However it won’t give you account for FREE, rather you will get some short of discount only. Moreover you can borrow an account from existing user but chances are rare that you will find any of such people who would like to share his/her details with you. So that last way for you is to try online premium link generator, it is used for getting premium account freely with unlimited time for an unlimited account.

Filefactory Premium Link Generator

The free credit adder is a one type of the software which generates unlimited number of the account any time or anywhere. With this you can have more number of premium accounts like this you use free. You don’t have to spend any single money for download premium account generator.

How to use it?

  • Click this page to access online hack tool.
  • Follow the steps to run it online.
  • Enjoy the Filefactory premium username and password.

Alfafile Premium Account 2017 – Free Link Generator

Alfafile Free Premium Account and Link Generator: There are various online technique exists, where we can put our data easily but is that savable or secure in future for us. So here Alfafile is a one type of web which put your data or save your data or any important thing in online safely. It protects you to hardware, software or any dangerous things related to your data.

Generally Alfafile features two types of the account. Below are the details for same;

  • Free account: in free account you simply have to register with your name or basic info. But here note one thing, you cannot use this account for your official purpose because it’s one type of demo account.
  • Premium account: As name implies, it is far better than basic subscription. Premium gives you lot more features, options and advantages over basic. However, you need to pay money to buy it but it worth every single penny.

Features of Alfafile Premium Account

Below are some awesome features that you would get with premium subscription as compare to this free account;

  • High speed download is available whereas basic acct has limited speed.
  • In basic membership download is restricted where in premium there are no any restrictions for downloading anything.
  • You can download unlimited things parallel but in free at a time 1 would be possible.
  • You can resume more than one download at a time.
  • Instant download would be possible.
  • Linking would be available.
  • Share your data through Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail and other social media platform.
  • Provides advance security to protect your data.
  • You can access your data at anytime from anywhere.
  • Good support service would be available.

How to Get Premium Account for FREE?

If you want to use pro account, you have to subscribe for premium subscription. But It is not free, you need to spend real money and sometime costly for individual and small organization. If you don’t want to spend real money but still want to enjoy premium account for FREE then you should promo code. However, It can give you discount only but if you want it for absolutely free only then there is only one option for you. Try online item generator and hack tool to get unlimited number of the premium account for FREE but for that you have to download this tool in your mobile device or desktop.

Alfafile Premium Link Generator

With the help of premium link generator you can get unlimited number of pro username and password without any payment. You simply have to follow below steps to operate this tool.

  • Click here to download this tool or alternatively you can use online credit hack program.
  • Open this tool.
  • Feel up all the required data.
  • Click the submit button and wait for few seconds to fetch unused account for you.
  • Hurray! You have premium username and password now. Start using it to enjoy premium features.

Hope it help you! In case of any query you can reach out me by commenting here.

Datafile Premium Account 2017 – Free Link Generator

Datafile free premium account and username password link generator: is a file hoster specifically designed for hosting and sharing a file. With this file hosting portal you can host your file upto some limits of the data.

Datafile is a one type of the online storage provider where you can upload and save your data. It provides highest level of security to store your data including MS office files, pdf, images, and more.

Types of accounts,

There are two types of accounts available for you,

  • Free account: It is FREE, however comes with some limitation and restriction.
  • Premium account: As name implies, it comes with some premium features without any restriction. If you are serious about your important then you should think about pro subscription only.

Datafile Premium Account Features

Below are some awesome features of premium account that will definitely inspire you to go with that.

  • No wait time! Start your download process immediately and it’s also done easily without any interrupt.
  • Gives Up to 30 GB of space compare to free account where you would get up to 10 GB.
  • No any captcha request needed or no any ticket waiting.
  • Multi-level advanced encryption system to secure your data.
  • Unlimited download speed is provided for premium users so it’s also big benefits for these type users.
  • No any advertisements, pop-ups and layers.
  • Access your file from Smartphone, Tablets or PC with your username and password.
  •  Stimulant downloads are also possible. You can start more than one download processes at the same time.
  • Resume facility:  Due to any critical condition you are capable to pause the download so no need to start it from beginning.
  • 24×7 Customer support via email and chat is available.

How to Get Datafile Premium Account for FREE?

There are lots of ways to access all things free but here if we talk how to get this pro account freely then lots of possibilities are available.

First and foremost thing is to try coupon code. You just have to apply the promo code at the time of buying pro subscription to save upto 30% off the regular price. However, it is not a way to get it for FREE.

There are online generators and credit adder hack tool that you can try to get premium features for FREE. You just have to follow the instruction to get an account within few seconds.

How to Use DataFile Premium Link Generator?

If you would like to get free premium account and want to use online link generator tool then below are the steps and important features.


  • It is 100% free to use tool to generate unlimited number of premium username and password.
  • Available for any device and platform.
  • Accessible from all around the world.
  • You can take all the features of premium account.

Steps to Use It:

  • Click here to visit the link.
  • Open the dedicated page and read the instruction to operate item generator tool.
  • Wait for few seconds to get your unique code.
  • Congratulation! You have just done it.


Stan James Promo Code 2017 – Free Bonus Spins

Stan James Free Spins and Bonus Bet Promo Codes: StanJames is the trusted gambling operator that offer betting and gaming on mobile, online and telephone sports. was founded by Steve Fisher in 1973 as a single betting shop in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Today, it is the limited company having headquarters in Gibraltar with millions of active users all around the world.

Why Stan James Over Others?

Do you like sports and games then you should definitely try their platform. No need to visit casino, you just register an account to starting playing online poker, SportsBook, casino and other betting products.

It is one of the biggest and brightest brands in online gambling and casino industry. You can bet on various sports game like as cricket, football, basketball, horse racing and many more. For this you have to simply signup for free premium account to start working on it.

Top rated Stan James Promo Codes and Offers

Do you want to join Stan James to start betting on your favorite sports and games? Make sure to apply any of the given below to get huge discount.

  • FREEBETOFFERS10 – You can get £20 Free Bet on your betting. Please enter the code at the time of checkout.
  • Free £20 Bet – Hurry up and create your new account to claim this offer. Bet £10 at 4/5 on any market and get £20 free bet.
  • CASINOOFFER – You can get 100% bonus up to £100 + 5 Free Spins no your game.
  • POKEROFFER – Here you can get 200% bonus up to $1250 for your bet.

How to get Stan James Free Spins and Bonus?

For getting free spins and bonus various types of technique are available in the internet.

As I said earlier with the use of coupon code you can get discount and free bonuses like free spins and bets. It is the legit way to get free stuff. Another way is to try their premium account for referral program. They often host refer a friend event to give you opportunity to promote them with your friends. But It is available once in a year without any assurance. So, the third method is to try some online credit adder tool to generate free spins or bonus for your game or bet. You have to enter your username and amount of spins, bets that you would like to try. Click on submit button and wait for few seconds to get your unique promo code. Apply the code to get all the associated free bonus.

Stan James Promo Code Policy and How to Use it?

The Coupon code is a really good thing for using your bet but for this use you have to follow some rules or policy of this coupon code.

  • Coupon is specifically used for particular game or bet. You cannot use this for another game.
  • Fee bet is available for new customer account from UK or Ireland.
  • One time use. You not to use this more than one time.
  • Need to apply coupon before it got expired. You cannot use it for your previous bet.

How to Use Coupon?

  • Login to your account and visit the dashboard to buy the bet or item.
  • Put the item or hat or bet in your cart.
  • At checkout page, enter the bonus code to get discount. Premium Account 2017 – Link Generator Free Premium Account with the help of Link Generator:  Today your data security is most important things in online world because of online thing are increased day by day and this secures your all data. In short it’s a one type of an online system where we can store our file for permanent or temporary basis depend on us. It will give you a virtual space within this you can store data in account, so it’s nothing but the file hosting site with this we can store file in online.

Like many other file hosting provider, also offer two accounts.

Free account: You simply register your email address with name to start using it.

Premium account: As name implies, it is subscription that comes with lots of premium features. You will get some advance feature and option once you pay for this account but it worth single penny.

Features of Premium Account

If have decided to get Pro version and want to first checkout the features then please have a look at below section,

  • Premium account users have up to 5GB of space and don’t have any trial period for using this space compare to free account.
  • Unlimited download speed and its have highest speed to others of this file hosting provider.
  • Simultaneous download would be possible for users who have to download on this website.
  • Data security and safety must be considered in this format of account.
  • No any advertisements came when you use this for your work.
  • Have Quick customer care support.
  • 100% safe and easy to usable.

What is RareFile Premium Link Generator?

Price of premium subscription is affordable, however if you still want to reduce your spending or can’t simply spend money then here is the way. There are lots of ways in internet to access all things free but here if we talk how to get this account freely then lots possibilities to accessing this freely.

First legit way is to apply promo code at the time of purchasing account. You will get some sort of discount or may get it for FREE. Another way is to use online item generator or hack tool to grab the username and password of premium account. It is browser based program, so you no need to install any BS tool on your PC or Mobile.


  • 100% Safe and Undetectable
  • Use it from anywhere at any time without any limitation.
  • Generate unlimited number of premium account.
  • It is 100% FREE to use.
  • Works for Windows, Android and Mac OS.

How to Use Link Generator?

If you decided to get online link generator then you can follow below steps.

  • Head up and visit the site to open online credit adder tool page.
  • In helpdesk you have simple info of use of this tool related instruction.
  • Go step by step this instruction.
  • Generate the account. It hardly takes a minute to grab unused account.
  • Enjoy.

In case of any query about promo code generator or premium username password hack, please add comment here.