BrainPop Jr Username and Password 2018 – Free Login

BrainPop Jr Free login using username and password: In order to understand BrainPop Jr we first need to know what exactly the BrainPop is!

BrainPop is a group of educational websites with over 1,000 short animated movies, and videos for students aged 6 to 17. They feature quiz, learning materials about science, social studies, health, English, mathematics, engineering and arts and music.

BrainPop offers sub-sites like BrainPop Jr, BrainPop ESL, BrainPop Español, BrainPop Français, and BrainPop Educators. Each of these sites offers unique kind of materials as per student age and their educational level.

The BrainPop is an online education resource that offers various type of subscription for students, teachers and parents. BrainPop Jr is especially for small kids of K-3 group which contains some interesting videos on animal, creativity, stoical things and more.

BrainPop Jr Membership Type and Cost

It is designed for very small group of kids up to 6 years old, so where you have different things that can increase your child’s brain power step by step.

Brainpop offers subscription option for individual, school and district level. Generally it would be categories by how many student or user you want to enroll into the package.

  • Home:

This is for particular student, whenever your school not uses this format.

Cost: 99$ per year without any bonus codes.

  • Home school

This plan is for group of student. You can use this plan up to 3 students.

Cost: 180$ per year.

  • Classroom:

It is for teachers and student in single classroom. The package is for up to 3 computers.

Cost: 175 $ per year.

  • School:

The package is available for all the students and teachers throughout a single school. It supports unlimited use from home or school.

Cost: 1450$ per year.

  • District:

It is designed for the use by teachers, schools and students within a single school district. They offer personalized packages for districts based on the number of schools and student.

Cost: in different format.

  • Virtual school:

It’s for singly access matter if you want this in this type.

How to Get BrainPop Jr Username and Password?

You can get the username and password of this program by subscribing any of the packages. In order to do so you have to spend real money. If you can’t spend full then you can always use promo code to lower the final payable amount. I suggest enroll for at least 12 months to save up to 30% off the monthly price.

Apart from that, company offer free trial to enjoy premium account features. You can cancel the trial anytime.

How to Get BrainPop Jr Free Login using hack?

Are you really interested for BrainPop Jr membership but can’t spend single penny? Then I have some great news for you.

There some hack tools and server generator that allow you to generate free login details. Simply select the type of account you would like to get and click the Generate button to get account credentials. No need to use any bonus code here. Hack is 100% safe, secure and reliable. However, I suggest you to try legit way once you are fully satisfied.