DragonVale Cheats 2018 (Free Gems Codes Generator)

DragonVale gem codes generator and free cheats. DragonVale is a simulation game developed and created by Backflip Studious. DragonVale was released back in 2011 and has enjoyed high popularity ever since. The main focus in the game is on raising as many dragon breeds as possible, since there are more than three hundred different dragons in the fantasy world. The game is available for free download on both Google Play Store and App Store (iOS), but for those willing to pay some real money for an extra boost during the gameplay,  in-app purchases are embedded too.

Best Ways to get Free gems and coins in DragonVale

Everyone likes free things. Even though getting free gems and coins might not result in an unlimited quantity, it will surely speed things up. Still, it’s better than nothing.

  • Visit Your Friends’ Dragon Park

This is one of the easiest ways to get free Gems. The only thing you need to do is go to your friend’s Dragon Park and find the party hats on his/her island. By touching the party hats, you get some rewards. Keep in mind that the amount of money to be transferred to your account depends on the size of your park. The bigger park you have, the more significant rewards you will get.

  • Babysit Dragons

Doing so will get you some in-game cash,which you can use to buy Gems.

  • Send Gems to Your Friends

DragonVale has an option of sending one gem to three of your friends once a day. If a reason of your addiction to the game was a friend’s warm advice “You don’t have to play it, just try it out”, then you’ll be in no need of looking further. Oh, friends, where would we be without you?

  • Trade with Friends

Yes, friends, once again! You might have the one dragon your dear comrade has been searching for. You can add up a friend in the game whenever you want and a trade option will become available to you. It is just the matter of agreement between you, since there are no fixed prices. Not everyone is willing to pay sky-high amounts of gems for your Moon Dragon. Just remember to play it fair. You can share your coupon codes with your friend to earn gems.

How to Use An Online Generator to Get Free gems and cheats

If you’re not that keen on getting some minor rewards through the regular part of the game, then you should definitely try out the DragonVale Online Generator.

How does it work?

Well, you first need to go the Online Generator (a couple of seconds long search on Google should do the job). When you’ve got to the right free hack site, type in your FaceBook ID or Google Play/iTunes email and insert the amount of Gems, Cash and Treats you want to get and click on “Generate”. Then proceed and click on “Receive items”. After that, you’ll be asked to complete one of the surveys. Select any of the listed ones, fill in the required fields, and your free in-game goodies are ready to use! You need to enter activation code in your account to get your freebies.

DragonVale Cheats and Secret Codes

Below are some working DragonVale Cheats that you can use without downloading any hack engine.

  • Cold + Plant = Mountain Dragon
  • Fire + Air = Air Dragon
  • Plant + Lighting = Cactus Dragon
  • Plant+ Earth = Thee Dragon
  • Cold + Life = Lichen Dragon
  • Fire + Life = Flower Dragon

In the case you’re not a DragonVale player yet, head over to the App Store/Google Play Store and join the fantasy world of dragons!

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