McDonalds Monopoly Codes 2018 – Free Generator

Welcome to the McDonalds Monopoly Rewards page. Use our generator and hack tool to get your codes for FREE. If the United Kingdom is your residual abode, you ought to be aware that McDonalds are advertising the yearly McDonalds’ sweepstakes program.

To the people who do not have any idea of what the McDonald’s monopoly entails, it is a raffle that is done every year in the UK and the USA through a sales promotion program.

Simply put, each food you buy from the McDonald’s store will give you raffle pieces that can be exchanged for awards and gift items which McDonalds will be offering.

The gift items and benefit that an individual derives from this game could vary in the package.

It could be free meals, it could be an all expense paid trip to European countries or even a sum of a hundred thousand pounds in cash. This is a big jackpot as thus could change a man’s life overnight.

From any branch of McDonald’s in the United Kingdom, you can obtain the game fraction/pieces in the package of a sticker or voucher. Moreover you can get this only when you buy a promo food/meal from such branch in the UK.

There are three kinds of the voucher of McDonalds Monopoly you are eligible to grab which are the instant win, online game coupons/stickers and collect to win.


How to retrieve your gift items from McDonalds’ Monopoly program?

If you have been awarded the voucher/sticker which has its specific premium code, just head straight to this link.

After which you have scaled past the verification of age section, you can insert the codes/vouchers got from the meals bought and if you were lucky among the randomly selected few by the server.

You can get real money from ten pounds to a hundred pounds; it can also be transferred into your bank account.

The features and benefits of McDonalds reward monopoly program

If you participate in this promo you stand a chance of winning a whole lot of item, After all, all it costs for you to be eligible is just a munch or plate of chips or chicken

Items to be awarded below

  • a Mini Cooper car
  • A Samsung Dual Camera
  • A Raleigh Bike
  • a full European holiday trip
  • Above all, you can win a grand sum of a hundred thousand pounds cash which would be paid in segments.

How to generate free McDonalds’ monopoly cheat codes?

Currently, there exist two particular ways by which you can create the codes for the voucher/sticker; you can send a handwritten mail to McDonalds mutually requesting for a game coupon, or you can smartly download the referral codes generator tool so as to generate a free code for the McDonald monopoly program.

The handwritten letter could be monotonous and stressful to some people, so visit these links for the full version hack tool.

All you have to do is adhere strictly to the rules/regulations and complete the poll/survey so as to get the link in which you would use to download the tool. You just need to coupon codes to get your rewards for FREE.

After downloading the tool, put off your antivirus apps and then initiate the program and punch in the (generate code) option. Alternatively, you can use online zen generator tool to get your rewards and freebies.

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