MyVegas Mobile Promo Codes 2018 – Free Chips and Loyalty

MyVegas Mobile Promo Codes for Free Chips and Loyalty: MyVegas is a Facebook game, which is playable in desktop and mobile platform. Most off people play this game through Facebook friends. It is one type of casino game where you have to adding in to a group and maximum of 51 members of group can play the game.

Note: The Game is only playable with Facebook, without Facebook you cannot play this game.

My Vegas game is available in iOS and android devices, In order to play the game you should have WiFi connection or powerful mobile data and an application of Facebook.

How to Play the Game?

MyVegas is a made by MGM and it’s a virtual game with variety of different slots. To play the slots the main currency is chips which are basically available for all the players.

In this game loyalty points and alfafile also exist, which you get with the help of playing this game and the behavior of your game and strength more increase with high loyalty points you get and with this you get more gifts and rewards in your game.

If we talk about here mobile version then, there are two slots available in this game.

  • Actual slots: It is basic and easy to play slot where you can play game without setting any mission at all. No any need of premium account.
  • Mission slots: In these slots you are in a mission and you have to achieve some things and get more chips compare to actual slots.

More the chips more are the real money. You can redeem your chips into real money and buy the chip through money. However there are some other ways to have the chips for free.

How to Get Free MyVegas Chips and Loyalty?

In MyVegas the chips and loyalty are currencies and base of for getting the rewards and gifts but it can be easily available for all for that you have to play the game seriously but some other ways also exits like,

  • Some referral programs exits which would gives you 1000 points free without doing anything like, Mife reword program, where you can earn up to 1000 points per day without showing your actual login and password.
  • Using promo codes and some other coupon codes, you can also earn chips.

Top MyVegas Mobile Promo Codes

Below are some top most coupons that would help you to get more extra benefits compare to normal playing the game.

  • 94M91GYE – Apply the code to earn Free 100 chips.
  • 9439VG1Z -Earn up to $800 worth of cashback from Ebates when you use it at top game.
  • 54W82TPK – If you are new customer then you can use this code for awesome rewards.
  • 94X7N1T4 – Earn up to 200 free loyalty points when you apply on your first transaction.

How to Use MyVegas Mobile Promo Code?

Promo codes are a simple way to getting things in a free premium account or cashback, so for this use this code and simply follow some steps,

  • Open the game
  • Go to the slots or whatever you have with this promo code.
  • Apply this code to particularly things in this game where you have to apply.
  • There given you particularly box for applying this code.
  • Enjoy extras having you with this coupon code.

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