AQW Le Bot 8.4 for Free Download 2017 – How to Codes?

AQW Le Bot 8.4 Spammer Codes and Free Download Hack: First here if we discuss AQW, it’s an adventure quest worlds (AQW) browser based online multi player game published by artix entertainment in October 2008. And if we talk about the bot then it’s a simple one type of robot or automatic changer software program which runs in an automated format. So here AQW Le bot 8.4 is also one type of program where you can enjoy lots things and hidden features which were not available in previous versions of this game.

It’s an available for both Mac and pc. Some previous versions of this bot are also exists like 8.3, 8.2 and few more. Some issues are problems are corrected by the owner in a new versions and somewhat new features also added in the new versions. Let we talk about the feature of this bot before telling how to use it.

How Does Bot Help You?

If you are fan of AQW Le then this bot will seamlessly change your experience. It would helps in getting hidden things and some advance features given by this bot. If you don’t have time to play all the levels and want to upgrade your level then this hacker apk will boost your level without any skill.

Features of AQW Le Bot 8.4

Below are the some latest features which were not added in the previous version of AQW le bot;

  • Latest version comes with most of bug and fault fixes. You should immediately update your version.
  • New interface and combinations are created in this game.
  • Added “new contact menu” in this section.
  • Some things is disabled also like load shop button.

How to Download AQW Le Bot 8.4 for FREE?

There is no any special skill require to download aj item adder. The process is same as other normal downloading process. Let’s see here for complete process.

  • Make sure that you have WiFi or Internet connection to start the process.
  • First of all click the link to get the latest Aqw Le bot 8.4.
  • Wait for some time to load the page.
  • Neglects some advertisement which arrive in this waiting time..
  • Download the available file.
  • Extract that file.
  • Enjoy in your pc or Smartphone or Tablet you use.

Top rated Spammer Codes for AQW Le Bot

Below are some best codes for Aqw le bot,

  • For Alchemy When you want “Dragon Scale” And “Ice Vapor”,

%xt%zm%crafting%1%checkAlchComplete%11475%11478%fa lse%Mix Complete%Dragon Scale%Ice Vapor%Gebo%Moose%

  • Achievements :

Kung Food Fighter -%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%1%1%

Eye Was There – %xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%5%1%

BattleCon VIP -%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%20%1%

Undecided Hero – %xt%zm%updateQuest%218701%41%0%

Good Hero – %xt%zm%updateQuest%218701%41%1%

Evil Hero – %xt%zm%updateQuest%218701%41%2%

  • Boosts:

Gold Boost – %xt%zm%getMapItem%4%365%

  • Other:

Golden Tickets x20 –  %xt%zm%getMapItem%599%104%
Elixir of Haste -%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%368%

Elixir of Regeneration – %xt%zm%getMapItem%4%369%

In case of any question or query in download the AQW Le Bot, you can post your comments here. Please share your experience and provide the feedback about this premium account hack too. I regularly update this page with latest version information, so please check back us for your future download too. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page.

Doubledown Casino Promo Codes 2017 – Free Chips

Doubledown Casino Promo Codes Hack and Free Chips Generator: DoubleDown Casino, as implies is the leading online game for Casino lovers. It is available for Tablet, Mobile and PC.

DoubleDown Casino features various types of games like as Hit shots, Video pokers, and Blackjack and many more. Once you install the game for first time with your email id and name you get 1 million chips for Free.  With the help of that you can start the game because without chips you cannot start any single steps. You can play the game as Guest or by login through your Facebook account.

What are Chips?

As said earlier, Chip is virtual currency for DoubleDown Casino. Without that we cannot play the game. You must buy the chip through real money. Alternatively, you can earn the chip, skill points and ammo when you win the slots and other games. You can also convert your chips in your real money. Later you can withdraw that into your bank account.

Important Features of Doubledown Casino

If we consider about his features then there are lots features are exists but here we discuss some of there,

  • We can easily play this game. Simply create an account and start playing slots with your friends. No need to download any hacker apk.
  • 100% Safe and secure.
  • Features different types of slots and game to let you earn chips.
  • Play with your social media friends or in tournament and championships.
  • Outstanding customer support.

Benefits of Doubledown Casino Promo Codes

Promo codes are nothing but the alphanumeric number that you can use to get various kinds of perks and freebies. You can also use that to get discount while buying chips through real money.

  • Get all the premium account features for FREE.
  • Level up your profile and get secret boost to any slots.
  • Get discount while purchasing chips.
  • Earn bonus chips and many more gifts with this.

Top rated Doubledown Coupons and Promotional Offer Codes

  • Copy and enter the “BFJCLL” light platinum cheap code in your account for Free 150000 coins. It is valid for all new users.
  • If you are new player then you can enter “CZPJKZ” at the time of signup for Free 250000 chips.
  • Flash Deal: Play free day and free play in every slot for one day. For this you don’t have use any promocodes simple you have to enter your Gmail id.

Why is Doubledown the best online casino game?

If you compare DoubleDown Casio to other games then you get this answer perfectly. However I am telling you some of the truth of this game so can understand how better it is than others.

  • You have more free chips compare to other game.
  • All the systems and features of this game are friendly to all those who have no any knowledge of this game.
  • Compatibles with all the Operating systems and every time give you secret bonus chips when you spend real money.
  • Easily cash-out your chips for real money.

You can try some Doubledown casino hack, free chips generator and item adder, if none of these coupon codes worked for you.

IMEI Changer Software – How to Modify IMEI Number

IMEI Changer Software to Modify your IMEI Number. The international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number also called as a unique identity number of every phone. Generally it is a 15 digit number and each and every phone has this unique. It is available into silver sticker located behind every phone.


This number is called one type of identity of particular phone. With the help of IMEI we can access your phone movement from anywhere. It becomes more important when you lost your phone.

Can You Change IMEI Number?

Here one thing I would tell you is changing IMEI number is invalid or illegal you don’t have any permission for changing this number. But if we talk about your question yes it can be possible.

In case if your mobile would be damaged and you go for reparation for this and after that sometimes your IMEI number is conflict or changed or you don’t have a valid IMEI number then changing of IMEI number is possible. However, for that you need a rooted device. Here I am referencing valid reason when you need to edit that. However it’s an invalid process you don’t have permit to change that.

How to Modify IMEI Number manually?

There various techniques exist for changing the IMEI number of phone but below are few things I would describe to you.

First of all there is strong belief that every phone must be a rooted phone for changing the IMEI number. But truth is that you don’t need any rooted phone. With rooted phone or without rooted phone you can change the IMEI number.

  • With rooted phone.
  • You need one rooted phone.
  • One xposed installer with premium account.
  • IMEI changer app.
  • And internet connection. We recommend using WiFi.
  • Without rooted phone.

In this mode you have to use some online premium generator software. Simple download and install that on your Desktop or Laptop and connect your phone with your Pc to change the IMEI number with the use of this software.

How to Use IMEI Changer Software?

As I said you above with the use of software you can change IMEI number and here one most important thing is that you don’t have a rooted phone for that.

Below are the basic steps for using software. It is almost same step as pokemon light platinum rom do.

  • Download and Install the IMEI changer software in your pc.
  • Click on the icon to launch the item adder.
  • Select your device brand and model.
  • Fill your IMEI number you have to change.
  • Then Click the generate button.
  • You need to accept the terms and conditions and click on the start button.
  • After completed verification process you have new IMEI number.
  • Then disconnect your device and enjoy.

IMEI number is the identity of any number because with this you can find your phone if it got stolen or lost. You should never try to change it, However you can change it if It becomes invalid or payday 2 software of your phone got completely damaged.

SB Game Hacker Apk Download 2017 – No Root

Download SB Game Hacker Apk Now Without Root: SB game hacker Apk is the Android mod APK tool that you can use to play game with full premium features and gaming currencies. This tool generally available for various big mobile games those are available for Android and iOS operating systems. You have to use latest version of Mod APK to hack the game.

This hack tool is famous for cracking popular Smartphone games like candy crush, Clash of Clans, temple run, GTA 5, and other many more big android games.


You must have rooted android phone for this app without rooted phone you can’t use this app. Furthermore, you should have internet connection access to operate this application.

How does SB Game Hacker APK Work?

Suppose you play one android game and you see some premium versions or many things which you cannot get freely. If you want such premium account version, in-game currencies then you have to pay some money for that. But, what if you don’t want to spend real money for such features? Fortunately, Hacker APK solves your problem by providing you unlimited number of gaming things like as Gold, Money, Coins, Items, Woods and much more.

Important Features of SB Game Hacker

  • Available for almost all the Android device and works with various versions too, i.e. Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow etc.
  • Edit and Upgrade your score. Moreover, it helps to Level Up your game too.
  • Experience the free premium account features in multiple games.
  • Easy to Install on your Mobile. Later, you can also remove it completely if you want to play game in normal mode.
  • 100% Safe, secure and reliable to use.
  • Enable for data filtering.
  • Supports more than one language.
  • You can use it without rooting your Smartphone too.

How to Download SB Game Hacker APK without Phone Root?

All of us have credence to use this APK App through rooted phone only. But, we are wrong. Yes! We can use SB Game Hacker Without root too. Below are the steps to download stick run hack on your Smartphone without rooting it.

  • First of all, you need some software or utility available online like as lucky Patcher, game killer and many more.
  • Install hack tool like normal app on your phone. Now you can add hacker apk on your phone without root.

Why should you get No rooting app of SB Game Hacker on your Phone?

The reason for this is you can get app easily without rooting your phones and one another things is rooting is a whole new process for phone so the better or safest way  to get app without rooting.

And another big reason is if you use SB Game hacker and item adder without root then you can easily you’re your identity and personal information being stolen. It won’t affect your actual gaming data and information. In case of any question or concern you can connect to me by commenting here. I will reply you as fast as possible.

Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats Codes 2017 – Gameshark Rom Download

Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats and GameShark Rom Codes Download: Pokemon Light Platinum is a Monster Capture game published by Wesley FG in January 1, 2009 for the GameBoy Advance (GBA) platform.

If we discuss more about this game than it was first launched in 2007 in a mobile format but due to some technical fault and several other things it was released again in 2009. Moreover, the game is inspired by the famous Japanese cartoon of Pokemon and the activities of this game are also same as the Pokemon.

How to play Pokemon Light Platinum?

It is nothing but the remake version of 2007 game but it includes lots more new features including new roles, missions, and gaming gears. It generates 3rd and 4th generation of Pokemon and also fakemons.  The game features new place or region called zhery. Good thing about the Pokemon hack is that you can capture all Pokemon from all previous regions or places, and also all legendary Pokemon. There is also a final process called Pokemon World Championship where your mettle will be tested to the all around things.

Some movement, premium account link and key here I am telling you which would be helpful for playing the game,

Arrow key is used for Movement in the game.
1) “Space key” is for Select options
2) “Enter key “– Start the game.
3) “ Z” key – a button
4) “X” key – b button
5) “S” key – r buttons
6) “A” key – l button

And last for save the game you have 2 more buttons for save your process or game,

Down arrow icon is for saving the game, while up arrow icon is for loading the game.

Pokemon light Platinum Cheats and Gameshark Rom Features

A Game Shark is the online database of hack codes and cheats for various games. It often requires user to manually enter the codes get desired effect and items, such as infinite health, life, money, coins, boost (in racing games), or magic (MP, mana, etc. in the case of many RPGs games).

How to use Pokemon Light Platinum Gameshark Rom?

First of all, open GBA Emulator and visit the cheats. Find your choice of code and copy and paste your desired code. Most of time GBA emulators have the option to turn on or off the individual cheat codes. Make sure to active your cheats option in emulator’s premium account.

Top Pokemon Light Platinum Gameshark Codes

Below are the working coin codes for this game.

  • Please enter any of below Master Codes into the VBA Emulator.


  • Use the code to get Infinite money.

82025BC4E0FF 82025BC605F5

  • Receive unlimited items. Valid once per user per account.

And many more cheat codes are available for this,

How to download Gameshark Rom for Codes?

Do you want more such codes for infinite money, health, life and other gaming items? Then you need to download GameShark Rom. It Is the tool that will get you all the in-game currencies and items for FREE. Follow this link to download the hack or alternatively, you can use the online item and coin hack tool for Pokemon game.

Animal Jam Item Adder 2017 – Free Gems and Diamonds

Animal Jam Item Adder for Free Diamonds and Gems: Animal jam is an online multiplayer virtual game which was established by WildWorks in a partnership with national geographic in a 2010. It is a free to play game where you don’t spend any money for that so it’s a one type of online game.

How to play Animal Jam(AJ)?

It’s a free to play virtual world game for kids. So first go to the homepage of this game and click play now button and after that create animal button than you have one option for choosing one animal from the list of animals. On top of that, you have one more option to select choice of animal, simply name the animal to get it instantly.

Animal Jam also offers various kind of paid membership that comes with extra features. You need to spend money to buy such membership. It is available for 1 mon, 3 months and one year. Based on your requirement, you can select any of such membership.

Importance of Animal Jam Gem, Diamond and Items

First of all, one question that might arise in your mind that, what are these gem, diamond and items?

Gem is a basic currency of this game and another currency also exits like as diamonds, tickets and earth crystals. All of them are being used for purchasing in-game items and gears like Jam mart clothing, premium account username, jam mart furniture, makeup kit, foods & beverages, footwear and many other things are available on the shops.

Players can see his/her gem at the top right of the account dashboard. You can see gem earned during various competition or gems/diamonds that you had bought earlier to utilize that for future purchases.

The Animal Jam Items Adder for Free Gem and Diamond

The animal jam item generator is a gem hack tool which can generate the free gems, diamonds and items for this game. Usually you have to pay real money to have such in-game currencies but with such online points generator you can get in-game items for FREE.

Features of this tools,

  • Gains all things (i.e. Gems, Diamonds and Items) for completely free.
  • Gives you 100% accuracy.
  • It is 100% Safe, undetectable and reliable too.
  • Easy to use.
  • Generate unlimited numbers of gaming currencies. Literally no any limitation.
  • Free to available all the users. It is available for almost all the OS.

How to Use Animal Jam Item Adder?

So, you have decided to use Animal Jam Gem Hack but don’t know how and where to start? Then below are the steps for you.

  • First of all download this item hack tool from the given link.
  • No any installation required. Simply open the file to run the program. Alternatively, you can try online premium account generator tool too.
  • After launching the tool or online site, enter your AJ username.
  • Select various types of options such as amount of Gems, Items, Diamonds and Tickets that you would like to generate.
  • Click on “Submit” button to start the generator tool.
  • Enjoy the FREE items.

Uptobox Premium Account 2017 – Password Link Generator

Uptobox Premium Account Generator and Free Username Password Link: Uptobox is a simple platform to share and store your file online. It’s a one types of online space management system that was established in 2011 and currently premium account is available to buy using real money.

Uptobox is for everyone whether you are individual, business owner, student, teacher or owner of big organization. If we talk about this account, it’s have very nice features compare to others like first of all if you don’t have to spend money than you have simple free account options simply register with your mail id and username and you get your account in this website and another option is premium account in this account you have to pay money for that and you get more features compare to others like other but it’s have more things compare to others.

Features and Advantages over others

if you are wondering why to use Uptobox over others? than below are some strong reasons to convince you.

  • It is easy to use. Simply login to your account to upload and share files with others.
  • Provides you more storage capability.
  • Supports almost all kind of files including media (i.e. Video, Audio, Mp3 etc) and data.
  • Gives you more download speed and flexible too.
  • Less time taken for downloading the files.
  • Advanced security system. Your file would be completely safe, so you don’t face any file dilatation issue.

Benefits of Uptobox Pro Account

Like many other competitors, Uptobox too offers two types of accounts; Free and Pro. Basic membership has some limitation, while Pro gives you advance features over basic. You need to spend real money to buy premium account username password. Below are some benefits of having premium acct.

  • More space to store your important data and personal files.
  • Business features to easily share and secure your files.
  • Improved download speed compare to free one.
  • Syncing of account with mobile and tablet is possible.
  • Parallel download here also possible.

How to Hack Uptobox Premium Account for Free? premium account is really helpful to us for getting more features compare to free account but can we get it free?

Yes with some online gem hack tool you can use it totally free to get access of all the premium features totally free. You just have to download item hack for that. Alternatively, you can use our online premium generator which doesn’t require you to download anything on your system.

Features of Uptobox Premium Link Generator

For the use of this tool you have to simply past your account link on this tool and you get access of premium acct.

  • Get access of all premium accounts without any money. It is 100% free to use.
  • You can access all the features of premium account.
  • Works for almost all the browser and system.
  • Generate unlimited number of accounts.
  • 100% secure and reliable too.

Congratulation! You just got your premium account with the help of xforce crack. In case of any query about Uptobox link generator you can share it here.

Payday 2 Hack 2017 – Unlimited Skill points, Ammo Generator

Payday 2 Hack and Generator for unlimited skill points, Ammo and Mask. Payday 2 is a one man shooter video game which was developed by overkill software and published by 505 games. It’s a remake of payday: the heist of 2011 and this game originally released in 2013 for Microsoft windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. After that the improved version of this game was also came in June 2015.

Importance of skill points and ammo generator

Skill points: Payday 2 is a level based game and for upgrading your level you have to earn some skill points. Like you have basically 100 points so after that for each level you have to earn 1 skill points and for each 10 levels you have to earn 2 more points. Moreover with these types upgradation of level would be possible. So bottle line is that for a every 10 levels you have to earn 120 skill points.

Ammo generator:

Ammo name suggests about weapons means it’s a one type of weapon which can be used by player to fight with your enemy. You also need Ammo in certain missions, so that you can complete the mission and win the championship. With the use of ammo generator and autocad crack you can generate unlimited number of ammo that is must to play the Payday 2 game.

How to get Unlimited Skill points, Mask Ammo in Payday?

You can earn skill points, ammo and mask by playing the game but this is a very long process with this you cannot earn much more points. If you don’t have time and want unlimited gaming currencies then need to use some other or different tricks. There are some online premium generator and offline hack tool that you can try to generate unlimited number of skill points and ammo.

The Payday 2 hack is totally free, you don’t have to pay any single money for that and other side you can take benefits Payday 2 premium features using such hack without playing actual game.

How to download and Install Payday 2 Hack to generator Ammo, Skill Points?

Use of hack tool is as simple as 1-2-3. You no need to register your email address or name or anything with that. You just have to use your username to start the tool. So, it is 100% safe and reliable too.

Below are the complete steps to use premium generator, no any special skill needed here.

  • Download the items hack tool which would be available in online easily. Alternatively, you can also use online generator if you don’t want to download anything on your PC or Laptop or mobile.
  • Open the tool page and enter your username.
  • Enter amount of Skill Points, Ammo, Mask and Coins you want to generate.
  • Click on “Submit” button to start the gem and coin hack.
  • Wait for few seconds! Congratulation, you got final promo code that you need to use in your account dashboard to get associated perks.

Filesmonster Premium Account 2017 – Password Generator

Filesmonster Premium Account and Free username and password generator: Filesmonster is a basically data transfer platform established in 2007 where you can stream your data and many other things.

It’s an online platform for digital content dispensations. So it is kind of online digital content distribution company where content owners can change or add his data online. It will save your time, money and give you more flexibility.

Filesmonster is the online place where you can store your important files, video, audio, ebook and other content in digital format. It’s a full proof storage solution of your data and you can transfer your data to another. Not only you can transfer that but you can also receive data from other users.

Types of Filesmonster Account

Basically if we see other platform of these types then they mostly have two types of account,

  • Free account: Anyone can simply register with their email id and name to create FREE account. However, there are certain limitations here.
  • Premium account: As name implies, it contains some advance feature on top of the free account. You can upgrade to premium account by spending real money. You might be wondered, what the heck this premium account does offer to you? Check below section to get clear idea.

Benefits of Premium Account

  • You have fast download speed.
  • Automatic backup of your files to avoid any data loss.
  • You can access multiple files simultaneously.
  • Privileged channel access.
  • Sharing via social media, email and whatsapp is available.
  • More storage space would be also given for premium account users as compare to free users.
  • Streaming of videos and download of this account would be also better compare to free users.

How to Get Filesmonster Premium Account for FREE?

When you first launch Filesmonster site then you have two choices; free and premium. Mostly all of us dream about premium membership because of its advanced features. Premium things don’t come free; yes you need to pay some money to get all that features. If you still want it for FREE then here is the trick for you.

There are keygen crack and free password generator tool. Fortunately they are free and available to all. You just have to use it properly to get your own premium account for FREE. It is 100% safe and secure too.

How to Use Password Generator Tool?

You might be wondered, how to utilize such tool to generate password for premium accounts. Please follow below steps for same.

  • First of all visit this link to launch the official site of this Filesmonster username Hack tool.
  • Now, you have two options here. Either to download it or use it online.
  • Open the hack tool page and paste the links of your account (i.e. username)
  • After that click the generate button. Wait for some time to complete the background process.
  • Bingo! You got your premium account that is completely FREE.

No need to use any gem hack here! Please share your views and thoughts about this premium hack, so that others tool get idea from it.

Stick Run Hack Download 2017 – Free items and coins

Download Stick Run Hack to Generate free coins and items: Stick run is an exertion game where you have lots of fun and it is developed by blobzone. I bet you that you will become die heart fan of the game once you once you play it first time. Hence, presently it has millions of active users worldwide.

How to play the Stick run?

If you want to be thin then this is the virtual world game for you. You become thin people whose goal is travel between first and last point. Between these two points you face some straight road, obstacle like as rivers, mountains etc. Furthermore, you face other tough objects and things like rich jungle and you need some advanced features to cross that point.

Importance of Stick run items and coins

It is a currency for Stick Run. With the help of coins, you buy any items or gaming merchandise and gears. Apart from that, coins can level you up in the game. Coins and items are virtual world currency without which you can’t even think to play this game. Hence it becomes important thing when you play the game as it can give you upper edge over your friends and competitor. You will need premium account for such gaming currencies.

Various types of items are available in game but for this you have sufficient coins and level up in your game.

Stick Run Hack to Generate Items and Coins

Stick Run Hack is a tool which generates items and coins for FREE without buying it through real money. Below are some awesome features of this hack tool;

  • Generate unlimited coins or items: With the use of this tool you can generate unlimited coins or items whatever you want. No any daily generation or account cap limit for you.
  • Un-traceable: This tool is undetectable, so it won’t harm your account and nobody can even identify how you got huge amount of items and coins for FREE.
  • 100% FREE: No need to pay single penny to download or use this online premium acct generator tool.
  • Full Support and Update: Regular updates are available, so you won’t find yourself legging behind the latest update or the game.
  • And simple methods for use so it’s an easy to use.

How to Download Stick Run Hack tool?

Make sure that, you have a fast internet or a high speed Wi-Fi connection to download or operate this online generator.

Here I am giving you steps to downloading this premium account tool.

  • Download this tool which will be easily available in online internet. Or alternatively, launch the official page to open the online tool.
  • No need to install this in your PC. Simple hit icon of tool to start using it
  • Enter the amount of items and coins.
  • Click the start button. Complete the human verification process to get unique code.
  • Bingo! Apply the promo code in your dashboard to get associated perks and freebies. No need to have premium account link for that.