Uploadbaz Premium Account 2018 – Username and Password Generator

Uploadbaz free premium account with username and password generator. Uploadbaz is the part of Openload which is file storage, sharing and video steaming service. You can upload videos, doc, text, music, important documents or any files you want to be make safe and secure. Moreover, user can also share such files with your friend using their cloud platform.

You can do more with Uploadbaz and most interesting thing is that, you earn money by sharing your important data and files. Do what you like and monetize that action too. Once you have enough money then you can withdraw that in your bank account or PayPal.

Uploadbaz have two types of account,

  • Free account: It is the standard default account that you can get for free at the time of signup. Default acct has certain limitations.
  • Premium account: It is advanced version of standard account that gives you more flexibility and features. If you are serious and passionate about what you are doing then this is a package for you.

How to Earn Money?

Uploadbaz is the file sharing and file monetizing platform. Here file owner earns money by sharing file when someone tries to access it.

With sharing your important files you can earn money here in form of rewards. Below are certain rewards rules and policies that you need to follow.

  • Minimum payout amount you have to earn is $20.
  • Downloads and Streams are counted up to 3 in 24 hours per user.
  • Rewards are counted by factor 0.1 if advertising is being blocked.
  • No rewards for automated downloads.

Uploadbaz Premium Account Features

Compare to free it have much more features like,

  • Share and access your files from anywhere; PC, Tablets and Smartphone.
  • One click active, disable and delete option to secure your files.
  • Store your files forever unless they become inactive.
  • Share file instantly at lightening fast speed.
  • Drag and Drop files to ease the uploading process.
  • Unload unlimited file without any restriction. Download and upload simultaneous at super-fast speed.
  • 100% safe and secure place to store your files online in cloud.
  • Earn more rewards as compared to standard package.

How Does Uploadbaz Username and Password Generator Works?

As told you earlier that, Uploadbaz premium is not free. You need to spend real money to subscribe for pro features. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. Are you impressed with pro package and looking to get it at cheaper price? Why not to try coupon code to get up to 40% off the regular price. If you don’t want spend single penny then you should think about online generator. It can generate username and password for FREE.  You just have to access it online from your Laptop or Smartphone. It takes hardly 60 seconds to get your free premium account.

Uploadbaz Premium Generator Features:

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