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Tips to Download WhatsApp Sniffer Hack Tool for FREE: WhatsApp is a cross platform messenger application that permits iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, blackberry and another type of phone. It works for android, iOS and windows operating system (OS) users to mutually interchange text, audio, videos and latest document messages for free.

It is a complete free message application where we can chat with friends, sharing videos and audios, important documents…so it’s an appreciative stuff for who have to connect with friend each and every time.

What is WhatsApp Sniffer?

WhatsApp sniffer is an application capable to transfer all the WhatsApp messages of other users to your WhatsApp with full details, so with this we can read other persons messages of WhatsApp and we can see her or his online status or profile pictures. Ultimately we can hack on someone else WhatsApp account and get all their secret details and data.

Simply if we say this tool diverts all the traffic into your side…


For that we need rooted android smart phone, so here one question arise what is root Smartphone?

Root Smartphone:

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smart phones, tablets and other gadgets running the Android mobile operating system to achieving special rights to control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems. With the root permission one can access core android files and data. It become necessary to perform some operating system related task.

How to Root Smartphone for WhatsApp Sniffer?

This app use ARP spoofing which divert all the traffic in your side so if in traffic WhatsApp messages are available than it will displays them in user friend conversation style views. It displays both incoming and outgoing messages and also displays audio and video.

Mostly this type of login and account hack tool are being used by partners or lovers who have to care each other or have to know is a right or not?? So for that it’s a very helpful tool. Sometime, private organization and employer use such hack tool to sniffing the Whatsapp of their employees.

Top Features of WhatsApp Sniffer and Hack Bot

  • Provides accurate details about incoming and outgoing conversations including messages, audio, video and data files etc. It works with any kind of operating system such as Android, iOs, Windows or any other.
  •  The captured messages and conversations are separated by their numbers in a systematic way.
  • App will notify you when any messaging updates will be available.
  • Premium generator also matches the phone numbers that have been hacked.
  • It is ad-free, so no any nuisance comes in your work. Furthermore, It is 100% safe and malware free.
  • You can keep only the important conversations and the rest you can delete.
  • It is Free to use application that doesn’t require any additional tools and credential like username and password.

How to Download the Hack tool?

Below are the simple and easy to follow steps to downloading the WhatsApp sniffer hack on your desktop or mobile phone.

  • Follow the link given here to download the gold hack tool i.e WhatsApp Sniffer Apk file.


  • Install WhatsApp sniffer: Browse the download folder and click on apk file to install it on your Smartphone.
  • Launch the app on mobile,

It is a last step where you need to tap on the app icon to open it. After launching it you need to fill up some required information to start using it.

  • Congratulation! You have successfully installed Whatsapp Sniffer crack on your device. It’s time to hack on someone else Whatsapp now.

If you have any query about online cheat code tool then you can post it here.

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