Animal Jam Item Adder 2018 (Free Gems and Diamonds)

Animal Jam Item Adder for Free Diamonds and Gems: Animal jam is an online multiplayer virtual game which was established by WildWorks in a partnership with national geographic in a 2010. It is a free to play game where you don’t spend any money for that so it’s a one type of online game.

How to play Animal Jam(AJ)?

It’s a free to play virtual world game for kids. So first go to the homepage of this game and click play now button and after that create animal button than you have one option for choosing one animal from the list of animals. On top of that, you have one more option to select choice of animal, simply name the animal to get it instantly.

Animal Jam also offers various kind of paid membership that comes with extra features. You need to spend money to buy such membership. It is available for 1 mon, 3 months and one year. Based on your requirement, you can select any of such membership.

Importance of Animal Jam Gem, Diamond and Items

First of all, one question that might arise in your mind that, what are these gem, diamond and items?

Gem is a basic currency of this game and another currency also exits like as diamonds, tickets and earth crystals. All of them are being used for purchasing in-game items and gears like Jam mart clothing, premium account username, jam mart furniture, makeup kit, foods & beverages, footwear and many other things are available on the shops.

Players can see his/her gem at the top right of the account dashboard. You can see gem earned during various competition or gems/diamonds that you had bought earlier to utilize that for future purchases.

The Animal Jam Items Adder for Free Gem and Diamond

The animal jam item generator is a gem hack tool which can generate the free gems, diamonds and items for this game. Usually you have to pay real money to have such in-game currencies but with such online points generator you can get in-game items for FREE.

Features of this tools,

  • Gains all things (i.e. Gems, Diamonds and Items) for completely free.
  • Gives you 100% accuracy.
  • It is 100% Safe, undetectable and reliable too.
  • Easy to use.
  • Generate unlimited numbers of gaming currencies. Literally no any limitation.
  • Free to available all the users. It is available for almost all the OS.

How to Use Animal Jam Item Adder?

So, you have decided to use Animal Jam Gem Hack but don’t know how and where to start? Then below are the steps for you.

  • First of all download this item hack tool from the given link.
  • No any installation required. Simply open the file to run the program. Alternatively, you can try online premium account generator tool too.
  • After launching the tool or online site, enter your AJ username.
  • Select various types of options such as amount of Gems, Items, Diamonds and Tickets that you would like to generate.
  • Click on “Submit” button to start the generator tool.
  • Enjoy the FREE items.

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