Course Hero Account Password 2018 – Free Premium Hack

Course Hero premium account  password hack for FREE. Course hero is an online social learning platform established in 2006 by Andrew Grauer at Cornell University for college students to share their college-related materials.

Slogan: master you classes.

Language available: Currently it supports English; however they are planning to add Spanish, French and few more languages too.


Working principle of Course Hero is simple; it is a bridge between teachers and learners. So it is a knowledge sharing platform where tutors, experts and teachers teach students and passionate learners.

It is a huge platform where people can share anything or get an access to all the available materials and courses by another person. You can have here lots of resources for your knowledge and can share your experience here.

The Important Features

What important it has compared to other,

1)    Expert tutors: Provides 24/7 service where you can ask any question and the expert tutors answer within few hours.

2)    Flashcard:

It is one type of form or page which contains some small information. Here this site also has lots of online flashcards which have more and more information.

3)    Lots of online courses: Get an access to wide range of courses to improve your knowledge and build a confidence.

Above are just few features that CourseHero has to offer, however if you are serious then you should try premium account. In fact, CourseHero has two different accounts for users.

  • A Free account that anyone can get after signup with email address and full name.
  • Premium Account is the pro membership allows you to do many more things. Please follow below section to find the important features of it.

Benefit of Course Hero Premium Account

1) Users have full control on their privacy and other details.

2) Print the material and course in form of PDF for offline reading.

3) Access to lots of premium courses without any ads.

4) Priority support and assistance by expert for your queries and question during session time.

5) Users can track their study program progress with other group study members.

How to get Course Hero Account Password for FREE?

There are lots of ways to get username and password free like,

1)    Buying 1$ unlock system.

2)    In some forums, you can get free passwords.

3)    Some personal password sharing sites also exists.

4)    Refer and earn program. Refer your friends and earn free credits to access premium features.

5) Apply vip promo code and get membership at discount price or for FREE.

This all methods are legal, and you might have to spend some money for that, but there some tricks exist with this you Can get all things free.

Course Hero Premium Account Hack

There are some online points generators exist that can give you easy access to premium account. Such hack tools are free to use and 100% safe, so don’t have to worry about it. Such utilities are available for both desktop and Smartphone and support almost all the OS.

  • Download the hack tool in your PC or mobile device. Alternatively use online cheat generator program.
  • Follow the instructions and Install it
  • Run it.

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