Deck Heroes Secret Codes 2018 – Referral Gift Hack

Deck Heroes Secret Codes and Free Referral Gift Hack: Deck Heroes is an android game published by I got games and last updated in 18th march 2018. This is very fun strategic game where you can be able to create different types of deck and with them you can be having different types of wars to save kingdoms.

Deck heroes is a very interesting game where you can create different types deck heroes and guilds in your own priority and with these you having different types of missions and wars for leveling ups of your game. Generally this game is divided in four segments; Mortii, Faen, Neander, and Human. These are having different type energy and power compare to each other.

Another important thing is it is divided in two parts like simple and star memberships in a simple game you just have to sign up with username and password while for star memberships you have to buy paid subscription plan to get more and more advantages.

Deck Heroes Gaming Currencies

For any game currency is most important thing without this you can’t access entire game, for this game currency is playing a vital role.

This game having many currencies but the main is gems. Gems are a main currency of this game but many other things would be also exist, without this also you can play the game.

Currencies and like that also some important things,

  • Gems
  • Coins
  • Glory points
  • Tokens
  • Credits
  • Tickets

This all things would be helpful to you in game but basic currency is gems because with this you can be level up in your game. And in some time you can be have star memberships in this game with the help of gems. Star memberships gives you per day significant amount of gems per day and with this you can be play efficient way in game.

List of Deck Heroes Secret Codes

Gives you list of secret codes, with this you can be get some rewards in your game.

  • Hell wolf and 250k Gold : GKCVQYVNV9EH
  • 5 Odin Shards, 5 Coupons and Essence IV : GHU6BAQNHDSC
  • 3 Dragon Rider Shards, 317 Glory Points and 31.7k Gold : GNYSFH98DHTP
  • Get a free study account, 300 Glory Points, 30 Gems and 3 Coupons : GYD59CNKNDVR
  • 30 Gems, 300 Glory Points and 3 Coupons : GXCMJJEY8J2A

For new users,

  • Panther Chief, Sentry Angel and Bloody Lord : GJ9X44JDWXCQ
  • Sword master, 10 Coupons and 3m Gold : GQ394HW2KM2 (You cannot use it as knife hack code)

How to Find and Claim Deck Heroes Referral Gift?

In this game, for claiming any things or gift you have a one level to getting these things means for earning or getting gifts, you have to achieve some amount of gems or some other credit in your game.

For example, in guild structure you have face 20 levels and after that you entered in this format as like in other or a gift, you have premium codes or other credential things to achieve it. You get it when you subscribe some special promo codes in game and this process is very simple in this game, whenever you play this there some guidelines also available.


This android game is very strategic and mission related game where you have to face different types of mission and wars but its interesting and easy to use game. No need to use any token generator here. And once you play this game, you would be attracted again and again.

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