IMEI Changer Software – How to Modify IMEI Number

IMEI Changer Software to Modify your IMEI Number. The international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number also called as a unique identity number of every phone. Generally it is a 15 digit number and each and every phone has this unique. It is available into silver sticker located behind every phone.


This number is called one type of identity of particular phone. With the help of IMEI we can access your phone movement from anywhere. It becomes more important when you lost your phone.

Can You Change IMEI Number?

Here one thing I would tell you is changing IMEI number is invalid or illegal you don’t have any permission for changing this number. But if we talk about your question yes it can be possible.

In case if your mobile would be damaged and you go for reparation for this and after that sometimes your IMEI number is conflict or changed or you don’t have a valid IMEI number then changing of IMEI number is possible. However, for that you need a rooted device. Here I am referencing valid reason when you need to edit that. However it’s an invalid process you don’t have permit to change that.

How to Modify IMEI Number manually?

There various techniques exist for changing the IMEI number of phone but below are few things I would describe to you.

First of all there is strong belief that every phone must be a rooted phone for changing the IMEI number. But truth is that you don’t need any rooted phone. With rooted phone or without rooted phone you can change the IMEI number.

  • With rooted phone.
  • You need one rooted phone.
  • One xposed installer with premium account.
  • IMEI changer app.
  • And internet connection. We recommend using WiFi.
  • Without rooted phone.

In this mode you have to use some online premium generator software. Simple download and install that on your Desktop or Laptop and connect your phone with your Pc to change the IMEI number with the use of this software.

How to Use IMEI Changer Software?

As I said you above with the use of software you can change IMEI number and here one most important thing is that you don’t have a rooted phone for that.

Below are the basic steps for using software. It is almost same step as pokemon light platinum rom do.

  • Download and Install the IMEI changer software in your pc.
  • Click on the icon to launch the item adder.
  • Select your device brand and model.
  • Fill your IMEI number you have to change.
  • Then Click the generate button.
  • You need to accept the terms and conditions and click on the start button.
  • After completed verification process you have new IMEI number.
  • Then disconnect your device and enjoy.

IMEI number is the identity of any number because with this you can find your phone if it got stolen or lost. You should never try to change it, However you can change it if It becomes invalid or payday 2 software of your phone got completely damaged.

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