Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats Codes 2018 Gameshark Rom Download

Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats and GameShark Rom Codes Download: Pokemon Light Platinum is a Monster Capture game published by Wesley FG in January 1, 2009 for the GameBoy Advance (GBA) platform.

If we discuss more about this game than it was first launched in 2007 in a mobile format but due to some technical fault and several other things it was released again in 2009. Moreover, the game is inspired by the famous Japanese cartoon of Pokemon and the activities of this game are also same as the Pokemon.

How to play Pokemon Light Platinum?

It is nothing but the remake version of 2007 game but it includes lots more new features including new roles, missions, and gaming gears. It generates 3rd and 4th generation of Pokemon and also fakemons.  The game features new place or region called zhery. Good thing about the Pokemon hack is that you can capture all Pokemon from all previous regions or places, and also all legendary Pokemon. There is also a final process called Pokemon World Championship where your mettle will be tested to the all around things.

Some movement, premium account link and key here I am telling you which would be helpful for playing the game,

Arrow key is used for Movement in the game.
1) “Space key” is for Select options
2) “Enter key “– Start the game.
3) “ Z” key – a button
4) “X” key – b button
5) “S” key – r buttons
6) “A” key – l button

And last for save the game you have 2 more buttons for save your process or game,

Down arrow icon is for saving the game, while up arrow icon is for loading the game.

Pokemon light Platinum Cheats and Gameshark Rom Features

A Game Shark is the online database of hack codes and cheats for various games. It often requires user to manually enter the codes get desired effect and items, such as infinite health, life, money, coins, boost (in racing games), or magic (MP, mana, etc. in the case of many RPGs games).

How to use Pokemon Light Platinum Gameshark Rom?

First of all, open GBA Emulator and visit the cheats. Find your choice of code and copy and paste your desired code. Most of time GBA emulators have the option to turn on or off the individual cheat codes. Make sure to active your cheats option in emulator’s premium account.

Top Pokemon Light Platinum Gameshark Codes

Below are the working coin codes for this game.

  • Please enter any of below Master Codes into the VBA Emulator.


  • Use the code to get Infinite money.

82025BC4E0FF 82025BC605F5

  • Receive unlimited items. Valid once per user per account.

And many more cheat codes are available for this,

How to download Gameshark Rom for Codes?

Do you want more such codes for infinite money, health, life and other gaming items? Then you need to download GameShark Rom. It Is the tool that will get you all the in-game currencies and items for FREE. Follow this link to download the hack or alternatively, you can use the online item and coin hack tool for Pokemon game.

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