Slmgr Rearm For Windows 7 And Windows 8

Slmgr Rearm For Windows 7 And Windows 8: Microsoft is one of the most powerful candidates in the market launched are at the time of releasing windows 7 trial version. Specifically, it was developed for the IT troopers just to make sure it goes well enough with the Hardware and Software being used. Additionally, the feature that has been improved, to check the environment and user experience with a new interface, were the priorities to release the trial, in short to know user satisfaction with this.

The trail was designed for both 32bit and 64bit systems which is available to download from internet without any cost. Initially, Windows 7 has the trial for 30 days which can be further extended up to 120 days by using SLMGR command. Similarly, the trial for windows 8 enterprise is for 90 days for both 32 and 64 bit system. Windows 8 has come up with most exciting and completely different interface. It seems more compatible with touch systems. Windows 8 enterprise includes all features of window 8 pro and windows 8 business.

How to Extend Window 7 Trial Period?

Unfortunately, the installed window 7 will be deactivated after completion of 30 days trial, but there is a way to exit from this trouble. SLMGR which stands for Software Licensing Management Tool is a command that can help you in the extension of window 7 up to 120 days. SLMGR actually resets the count. Let’s have a look on the steps to rearm the count.

  1. There is limit to change rearms, you can do so up to 4 times. You can check the existing no. of rearm counts by using the following command “slmgr/dlv”. The command would result in a dialog window script host with all the information about the trail window and the rearm numbers.
  2. Firstly, give “slmgr” command to rearm the 30 days trial version of window 7.
  3. Now, what you need to do is to delete the existing rearm count and write the new one but for this you have to delete the registry key file which includes the Last rearm time. Deletion is near to impossible in the user privileges but it can be done by using the given command in window recovery console.
  • Head up and perform reg load HKLM\MY_SYSTEM “%~dp0Windows\System32\config\system”
  • reg delete HKLM\MY_SYSTEM\WPA /f
  • reg unload HKLM\MY_SYSTEM
  1. Now, once the ‘reset.bat’ file is saved in C:\root folder, restart the system and by pressing f8 enter in the advance boot option, there click on System recovery and write C:\reset.bat. Now reboot your system after completing operation successfully. You might get a message that Windows is not genuine which can be avoided; you will be able to see the increase in the rearm numbers which will extend your trial up to 120 days.

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For Window 8 Rearm Count

The rearming process is same as windows 7. Probably, you would be thinking is there any way to get infinite license then there is for sure.

1.) Slmgr/dli is used for viewing information about the current license of windows.

2.) Slmgr/dlv is used to get license type.

3.) Slmgr/xpr is used to view expiration date.

4.) Slmgr/rearm is for extending or rearm windows.

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