Uploadgig Premium Account 2018 – Free Generator

Uploadgig free Premium Account and Generator. Uploadgig.com is the all-in-one place for storing, and sharing your files in single cloud storage. So basically it is an online platform that provides file sharing and affiliate program facility. It is unique concept and both of these are free.  If you are developer or designer or online marketer and want to share anything then sometime it isn’t possible to add your file in email attachment. In such situation UploadGig.org plays an important role.

Site is designed in such a way that even non-techie person also use it properly. Registering is free and simple. UploadGig offers two type of account; basic and premium. The Premium has more feature than basic. However, basic package also contains lot of features that you can’t find on competitors.

Uploadgig Account Levels

As said earlier, UG offers two main packages; free and paid. A Premium account is paid and contains several levels based on your data usage. If you doing more and more works and getting more clicks than you have earned more and more upgreation in levels and had more facilities on that levels.

Basically you have 5 different types levels here, let’s see this levels and his works and facilities,

  • Basic level:

All the newly registered free members first enrolled basic level. Here you get upto 2 TB space. Your file remains active for 60 days. Furthermore, PPS ad rebill rate in basic level is 50% and payment is 15 days. No need to use any promo codes here.

  • Bronze level:

The minimum requirement for Bronze is $200. Here you get 4 TB space and files expires here up to 80 days. Once you earned $200, you will be transferred automatically to Bronze pack.

  • Silver level:

After bronze this would be came and it gave more facilities compare to bronze, it would be upgraded only depends on work. You get here upto 90 days expiration period and 8 TB storage space. PPS and rebill rate is 65%.

  • Platinum level:

This level has 50 TB space and 180 days expiration period and here PPS and rebill rate is 75% and the payment days are 5 business days. Apply coupon code to get it at discount price.

  • Diamond level:

This is last level has more features compare to above all levels, it has 360 days expiration period and 200 TB file storage so this would more for you up to your expectations.

Why to Buy Uploadgig Premium Membership?

In free format whenever you register here you would be get 2 TB file storage space and normal speed of download that’s not enough to do anything. Another side whenever you subscribe premium package you get more and more features compare to free format like that,

  • Unlimited download speed.
  • Simultaneous multiple download would be possible here.
  • Unlimited storage of files and many affiliate features would be available here.

How to Get Uploadgig Premium Account for Free using Generator?

There are certain ways exist in online for getting Uploadgig pro account, whenever you subscribe premium pack you have to pay much more money and it’s not affordable for all users. You can use discount code to save up to 40% off the regular price.

So with the use of some online tools you can get this in a free format and usable all the features of Premiumships in a free format.

For that just you have to follow some steps,

  • Download the file of generator tool in your PC.
  • Install it.
  • Open it
  • Follow the steps
  • Type how many accounts you need
  • Press generate button
  • Enjoy premium username and password.

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