Wizard101 Promo Codes 2018 – Crown Generator

Wizard101 free promo codes for gold and crown generator: Wizard refers to the man who has magical power. Can you predict the meaning of wizard101? It is one type of game which conducts some marvelous activities related to magic.

Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPGs) adventurous event creating game which is created by kingsIsle entertainment. The game has huge number of player interacting with another virtual world.

Awesome Features of Wizard

Wizard 101 offers various types of magical tasks in which player act as a students and select characters as per their choice. There are two different version of game; basic and premium. Storyline follows the player’s journey to stop the evil activity of wizard and foil his various schemes.

Some of significant features,

  • Different schools of magic testing: this is a one type of rounds which are for playing game in which improve you levels for playing the games.
  • You can play this game with group of friends.
  • Build your own things based on your skills.

What is Currency and Crown?

Primary currency used in this game is crown. Game is available as Free to play or Premium. You can anytime upgrade your basic to paid one. Once you get premium account, you will see that it is filled with the crowns. Below are other currencies available in the game.

  • Crown
  • Gold
  • Arena tickets


It is needed to trade and shop various gaming stuff like power, magic tricks etc. You need to buy crowns with real money. However, you can use activation codes and coupons to save your money.

Top wizard101 promo codes for free crown

  • Save25july14: By the using this code you can get up to 25% of when you ordering the crowns.
  • 3873DQL2F63224M8L2Q8: Get 5000 plus crowns for FREE with your every order.
  • SURPRISEPACK: Receive the mystery pack of game. Valid for selected accounts only.
  • MARRYOGLDMAS: Spend $50 or more and get 3000 Free Crowns.
  • Gold*10: It is the cheat to multiply your crown by 10. Valid for premium users only.

So this are the some of the best promo codes to generate free crowns.

Wizard101 Hack and Free Crowns

In above section we discussed about in-game purchases and gaming currencies. As you know that player has to buy crown, gold and arena tickets and other in-game items with real money. Premium membership is also paid and that is must if you have to win every battle of the game. What if you don’t want to real money? Here is the solution for you. We just found Wizard101 Crown Hack that you can use to generate gaming items for FREE. You can use cheat generator for unlimited time but suggesting you to limit it once per account per day.

How to Use Wizard101 Crown Generator?

The process is very simple and clear.

  • Download the hack tool
  • Open that tool
  • Select the file
  • Run the file
  • Open your game
  • Select whatever of you have crowns
  • Click on generate
  • Let’s enjoy this.

Online ecoin generator is available for both premium and basic members.


  • You have unlimited crowns whatever you want.
  • Get free gold and other items also related to games.
  • Easy to use.

If you have any query about wizard101 generator or money hack engine then you can contact us here.

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